Inositol or L-arginine digestive issues?


Hi all. I started supplements recently including these two and something is giving me digestive issues. TMI alert–gurgling stomach, loose bowels etc. Based on the timing I think it is one of these two.

Anyone else experience this with either of these or any of the other supplements?

Any advice on how to minimize? I’m afraid to go out in public!:slight_smile:

Thanks all!


I took inositol - 8 tablets a day for a little over a month and I didn’t have any side effects. Never tried the L-arginine.


I’m thinking it might be the wheatgrass, but the timing seems to coincide with when I take the other two…thanks for the input!


oh yeah! A friend of mine was complaining about wheatgrass a couple of weeks ago. She said she lost 5lbs in 4 days. LOL. I am sure that is what it is!