Has anyone had any luck with Inositol? I read a post about pregnitude which constain Inositol. Just wondering if anyone had tried it, read up on it, or what not. Thanks!


Actually I just went out and bought a bottle of just Inositol today. After my last failed IVF we decided no more ART. I took a couple more months of not even trying natural fertility treatments but am now ready to aggressively try it. WEll, actually I did start Royal Jelly.

Most studies re Inositol concern women with PCOS. I do not have PCOS. However, I did find a couple of vague recommendations that it was beneficial for women without PCOS, and one scientific study RB&E | Full text | Pretreatment with myo-inositol in non polycystic ovary syndrome patients undergoing multiple follicular stimulation for IVF: a pilot study
done specifically for women without PCOS. This study seemed to imply they had less eggs mature, yet better quality eggs and higher implantation and pregnancy rates. But I believe this study was based on women going through IVF. I have yet to find anything about inositol pertaining to women without PCOS AND going through a natural cycle.

In the end I have decided to start inositol and Ubiquinol (a version of CQ10), and continue with the Royal Jelly. I feel like for me, although I’m 42, my periods are normal, heavy, and my progesterone is still good ( I had it tested in April during a natural cycle) and indicated that I ovulated. Plus, I was able to conceieve naturally at age 40 but MC. Anyway, I feel like my main issue is probably egg quality (plus DH sperm issues), rather than any menstruation or hormonal type of issue.