Input Needed on 2 S California Clinics


Hey ladies: After much research, I’ve narrowed my options down to SCRC in Beverly Hills and Reproductive Partners (Dr Rosen) in Beverly Hills. Since this will probably be my last and 3rd IVF attempt, I really want to ensure I make the right decision (and it’s completely out of pocket :grr: ). Any feedback/input on either of these 2 clinics is truly appreciated!!!

Thanks ladies for always being so helpful!!


I am not familiar with either but I wish you good luck! Bump!


Thank you so much!! Hoping my research pays off :slight_smile:

Here’s to a :bfp: for you too!!!


If you look at the SART website statistics on the 2 clinics and compare your age group, you can see the differences. In my opinion, the Reproductive Partners clinic in La Jolla has better statistics because they have a higher percentage of diminished ovarian reserve patients, yet they have higher implantation rates and transfer less embryos on average per patient. To me, this says that their lab is better quality and can create better looking embryos. They have a lower live birth rate but that may be attributed to the higher number of DOR patients that they serve. I look at the SART website all the time as I think it tells a lot about each clinic.

Good luck!!