Intralipids in OREGON!


Does anyone know where or who to go to for intralipids in Oregon? I can’t seem to find any RE’s that do it. I have my Rx from my doctor in Arizona that requested it, but apparently Oregon has a law about having an Oregon licensed physician write the Rx for intralipids. I am having an extremely hard time, not to mention that the intralipids are on a national shortage. My FET is July 8th so I need to schedule it soon. Thanks for your help.


If you have a prescription, can’t you just get it from an online pharmacy?
When I was researching about intralipids (i used to have the same dilemma like you do now on where to get it since my local RE will not write a script for it), I called Freedom Fertility Pharmacy and they were selling it.

Another thing you can do is to get your prescription from Arizona. Not sure how much of a hassle that would be.

Or another option is to call your OBGYN to see if he/she can write it for you.


it should be an IV infusion, so it won’t help to just have the meds. you need to find someone to infuse it for you and you will need the IV pump and tubing. a suggestion is to call a local infusion center (such as those that infuse chemotherapy to patients) and see if they will honor an out of state prescription.

it’s gonna be hard to find someone to just re-write the prescription for you, especially if they don’t believe in it’s use. no one’s gonna risk their medical license.

good luck with your search.


Call a home nurse center or if you get your prescription from Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy I think they can arrange the infusion for you (I read on a forum somebody did that).


Thanks ladies. Unfortunately, Oregon will not accept an out of state infusion prescription. Therefore, I NEED to find a doctor who will give it to me. I need to get done soon. I’m going to check Walgreens, thanks Alexi:thankyou: