Intramuscular injection


RE prescribed hcg 10000iu power for intramuscular injection for my trigger shot. Any advice from anyone who has done this will be very much appreciated. How can I find the appropriate injection site? Is it painful than sub-q?:confused:

Does anybody ever pay for a nurse to do the home injection? Where can I find such a nurse?:nerd:


No its not painful at all! Where did they tell you to inject? Can your DH do it for you? I had my husband practice on an apple with the leftover syringes from my Lupron. There is also a demo at freedom fertility pharmacy. Good luck and it really isn’t bad at all!!


It’s really not bad! Some RE tell you where to inject but your upper thigh would be somewhere you could do it yourself, otherwise if you want your husband or someone else do it the buttocks isn’t too bad. Have them make a “t” with there hands on your buttcheek and then aim for the middle of the upper outer area. When you clean with the alcohol you should be able to feel the muscle. Make sure to aspirate by pulling back on the syringe once its injected and look for blood, if there is none , inject the medicine and you’re done! If u get blood you want to remove the needle and start over. It helps your state of mind if you watch them practice on something else first :slight_smile: they really aren’t that bad, good luck hope this makes sense!


My nurse said she would draw a circle with a sharpie where the shot needs to go–my DH is going to do it. I also second the pp comment about Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. They have great online demos.


My nurse drew a circle for me on my butt. :slight_smile: It really didn’t hurt me at all! I would say it was the least painful of all my shots. I thought the Menopur was the worst…