Intramuscular Progesterone - first time and no symptoms


I have done crinone for all of the other cycles I have done including my FET’s I started the intramuscular on Wed the 23rd and it’s now Tues the 29ths and I have no sore boobs, with the crinone my boobs would have been so sore by now I wouldn’t be able to lay on my stomach. I am hoping I wasn’t doing the injection too low, I have brought it up after watching some videos (there was never any blood in the syringe)

If there a huge difference between the crinone and the Intramuscular as far as “faux symptoms” go?


I have never used progesterone injections but I have been on the suppositories for most of my cycles this year and the symptoms vary with each cycle. I usually do get the sore boobs and pregnancy symptoms but which ones and how bad is always different… Last month I felt nothing.
I say enjoy being symptom free… Hopefully they will show up in a week or so when you get you BFP!!! :wink:
Good luck!


Thanks SweetKitty, I guess I am just accustomed to feeling a certain way on the crinone and I feel completely different on this it makes me nervous that I was doing the shot in the wrong spot or something. (but boy does my butt hurt)


HELP NEEDED with self IM injection

Hi ladies,

I will begin my IM injection next week and I am looking for support!! I think I will have to do the injections myself. I don’t know how I will do it and overcome the fear of pain. Any helpful tips will be greatly appreciated.