Intro and Hi!


I had no idea that there was a support group for EA/ED.

We have been very blessed with embryo donation of 7 embryos. Last year, 5 were thawed, 3 survived, no pregnancy. It has taken me about a year to get brave enough to use the remaining 2. We have decided that this is our month to try, again. However, we are not telling anyone, but the donating family, that we are doing it this month. (Too much pressure.)

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to say hi! I am excited to have a place to share the next few weeks of my journey. Hopefully all of us who are doing it this month will have a round of sticky dust!


:welcome: That is so exciting!! When are you doing the transfer? I will send prayers and postitve thoughts your way!
We have a 4 year old DS, whom we adopted from Guatemala and 1 year old twin girls though embryo adoption. We were extremely blessed that it worked the first try.

Good Luck:clap: :cheer: Keep us posted!!!


Good luck to you and your dh!!

We did our first cycle in August.

We did our second cycle in September and I’ll be 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

Both times we transferred one 5 day blast.

I used my own clinic and am really happy with how things turned out.

:cross::cross::cross::cross::cross: for you!!


Thank you. I just made the day 1 call!

p00lbys & Texi - That is outstanding. I hope I get that lucky this time around.