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fingers crossed for all of us!!! :pray: :pray: :pray:


Hi everyone - I just wanted to introduce myself. I am not good with the technical jargon so I’ll just give it to ya straight:

33 years old, Diagnosed with PCOS in February of 2009, after having been off the BCP for over a year and no success in TTC. Referred to RE in March of 2009. One cycle of clomid and :bfp: in June of 2009!
Admitted to hospital on 12/16/09 for symptoms of pre-e. Emergency c section at 29w4d on Dec 29, 2009 - daughter born 2 lbs 12 oz, 15 inches.
NICU for 6 weeks, home on February 6th, 2010 :slight_smile: :cheer:
Found out that PCOS was actually Non-classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, taking Byetta and Metformin for that.
Started TTC#2 March 2012. Went back to RE in May 2012. Just did my third round of clomid and had my third IUI today. Doc said lining was good, follicles were big, and sperm was excellent. So… finger’s crossed!

Was really hoping that I’d be one of those people who just gets pregnant naturally with the second kid, but so far it’s not looking like that’s gonna happen.


Hello everyone!


My name is Nicole. Here’s my quick story…

  • My fiance was born with one undescended testicle. The doctor did surgery on him in his early childhood to bring the testicle down, but was unsucessful. Instead of removing the testicle form his abdomen, they left it there :frowning: His mom never brought him back to the doctors to get it removed. However, the doctor did tell him that because he had one healthy testicle he shouldn’t have problems conceiving children later in life.

When we first got together I noticed his cum was clear and watery which was unlike anything I had seen before, but I blew it off. I also noticed that his one testicle is extra large (but the doctor told him that it would be larger due to the abscence of his other testicle).

We have been together 5 1/2 years. I went off birth control for the first time in October 2011. It is now August 2012 and we have yet to get pregnant. After the first couple months off birth control, I began to worry. We haven’t been to the doctors yet, but I have no reason to believe it is me and with his medical history I think it may be him.

We plan on getting married next year but my biggest goal in life is having children and I am distraught at the the thought that we may not be able to :frowning:

I appreciate any advice or stories people can share with similar experiences.

I look forward to hearing from you guys.

  • Nicole


:welcome: everyone!!!

:babydust: :bsv: :pray: to you all!!!



6 DPIUI today. Woke up feeling sharp pains in uterus area. Cramping all day and pain off and on. Hoping this is a good sign. Trigger is almost out just the faintest line now. Hoping for a :bfp: in the next few days!:pray:


New to the Forum

I am a single woman who is thinking of using IUI in order to conceive. I have joined in order to become more educated in the different ways in order to conceive and to hear about other people’s experiences with IUI and other forms of assisted fertility.
I am 34 years old and I feel my clock ticking louder and louder. So any advice or experiences would be very helpful.



Hello all! I’m new to this

Me- 27, PCOS, one tube only
DH-32, low motility, sperm clumps and moves slower

We conceived naturally around 9/2007 but it was an etopic pregnancy which was not caught which resulted in a ruptured tube and removal of the right Fallopian tube. :wings:

We underwent insemination last week. I have a lab draw tomorrow to check progesterone level

VERY NERVOUS :pray: :pray:


had progesterone drawn yesterday. what will that tell me?


Day #5 post iui (2ww

i just joined today but have been reading your stories for a while. I was diagnosed with PCOS last this year and in this past June began our baby making journey. DH and I have been married for 10 years. DH is 41 and I’m 31. DH has no problems.

In June our RE recommended a bunch of tests: HSG, Genetics, bloodwork, SA, etc. Everything came back good. DH’s SA was 60 mil.

Last Sunday 8/26 and Monday 8/27 had back to back iui. Sunday had three mature follicles all at 24mm and everything went well…DH’s SA was 50 mil (after wash) and 99% motility. Second day, Monday, RE did ultrasound before iui and said I had ovulated (follicles had disappeared) and DH’s SA was 20 mil with 96% motility.

We are now in the 2ww and sooooo hopeful.

Has anyone gotten a :bfp: on the first iui??

Sending everyone :bsv: !!!


I’m a mommy!

I am a long-ago forum friend and thought I would FINALLY Share my success story! After 5 years TTC with my ex husband, I accepted the truth, It’s just not meant to be. We since separated and divorced and have gone out separate ways. I moved on with no hope of ever becoming a mother, but knowing that everything would work out one way or another. Well on June 16th of this year, I became a mother to a 10 year old stepson, and twin 7 year old step daughters! This is surely not what I thought God had in store for me, but it is the best way it could have possibly happened. I have the world’s greatest kids, and I honestly think I love them more than if they were my own since I can honestly appreciate what I otherwise might not have been blessed with! They are goofy and sweet and silly, and a lot like me actually! My husband is awesome as well (OF COURSE)! And people even tell me one of my stepdaughters looks just like me. I just want to pass on some positive vibes to all those still waiting for the family they are meant to have! I am keeping all of you in my thought and prayers!


:af: Trigger is out of my system. 9dpiui 10ppt. I have felt very tired the last 3 days. Still just the slightest bit crampy No sore bb’s yet which I usually get a week or before :af: . Hoping this is a good sign. I have also been nauseous with a ting of heartburn and still so bloated ( which I do get before ).Cervix is high and closed and I have had CM that is watery and milky looking.Sorry TMI! Please pray for us! Good luck to everyone on your :bfp: :bsv: :bsv:


Hi all, I’ve been following this forum on and off but this is my first time posting.
We got married Sept 09 and started trying right away (we were both 22) and got pregnant that Dec, our daughter was born Sept 2010. We started trying again Jan 2011, and had a positive pregnancy test Nov 2011, followed by bleeding that night…chemical pregnancy. We have been to the RE, and are now gearing up for IUI. I’m doing 75 IU Puregon injections daily (Day 5 today), the ovidrel shot, plus the progesteron suppositories after IUI. All testing has come back better than fine, no reason why we are not pregnant…but we are both from large families and there are babies and pregnant women EVERYWHERE. Any advice would be great…


TTC for 2 years

Hello Everybody, I am so glad I have a place to get support now and feed back.

My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years. I suffer from a Ovarian Cyst on my right side. It seems as soon as I turned 30 my female anatomy stopped working correctly. My husband has an ejaculation problem during intercourse, but the Doctor says he has Super Sperm. Which I guess can be a good thing.

We started our journey with IUI back in May and we just had our 3rd IUI on Aug 29. We are in the dreaded 2WW phase and we are keeping as possitive as we can. Thank you everybody for listening to my story


Thanks to this forum and this website (in my sig), i was FINALLY able to conceive. I have been quiet on many forums for all this while but now that I finally gained success through natural means, I am happy to share my insights and my journey with all.


Hi everyone!

I am here because I have done 4 IUI’s, with :bfn:. Maybe I should post under a different thread.

Anyway, I was really hesitant to join and even read forums because everyone and their stories are so discouraging :frowning:
Now that I have been trying for a few times, I need some more positive support- other than my wonderful husband.
It’s nice to see others with my same problems, with successful stories.


TTC my first child with my husband who has 2 from previous marriage and had a vas. We are using donor sperm since its been so long since his procedure. Had my first IUI in August, unsucessful. We are going to do the same procedure this month. Currently taking Clomid days 5-10 with Ultrasound on day 15 to check follies, then trigger shot and IUI on the following day. Just need to talk to someone who understands and can help me through the process. Evidently I was not ovulating on my own prior to getting here.



I am an old member returning after a very long absence. I have an adorable baby girl (IUI blessing) and since I found unbelievable support and a cascade of info here last year during my fertility journey, I am back for some more of those magic :babydust: here.

My husband and I are getting ready to TTC our second baby as soon as he returns from his AFGH deployment.

Lots of baby :babydust::babydust: to everybody. :pray:


Hi everyone! I am new to this community. My husband and I just had our first fertility clinic appointment today and will start our 1st IUI procedure hopefully by the end of this month if everything goes well. My husband and I have been ttc since 2006. We have taken clomids for many months, did an ultrasound to see if I had any cysts, 3 HSGs, and a diagnostic ultrasound to see if I had endometriosis. I was diagnosed with endometriosis on Oct 2009 and also had it removed. Went on clomids once again and by the 2nd month, found out we were pregnant. I had an ultrasound on week 7 day 6 and saw no baby, just the sac. Had a D&C on week 8 day 1. Since then we have not gotten pregnant. Our next step, IUI. In our visit, we were told everything was fine, blood work and uterus lining. In two weeks, I should have my next menstrual cycle and then we will start our very first IUI. I am extremely nervous. Any suggestions or stories? Good and bad? Anyone with endometriosis? What should I do IUI or IVF?


1st IUI

Hello, Just signed up for the site today… looking forward to talking to ladies going thru the same stuff as I am.

My husband and I have been TTC for about 2.5 years, this past January we did a Clomid cycle and planned @ home (natural) conception… It came back negative.

So we took time off from the constant dr’s and continued trying naturally… We did go back a few times for some testing just to be sure there wasn’t a “true problem”

I am now 7 days past IUI… and am trying to stay very neutral as to the results…
I had 2 very mature follicles and ALOT of non-mature ones, my uterus lining was very good too… and my husband is “super man” according to the nurse :clap:
His sperm count after washing was 68.8 million… and they like to have atleast 5.0 million.

I go back to the office on Monday for a blood test… now anxiety is getting the best of me! haha


Hello everyone,
So my husband and i had our first appointment with our RE last week and we developed a plan for the rest of this year. IUI until we drop! We are starting next month and doing it unmedicated. Our doc also suggested that my husband start taking fertility blend for men to help with his numbers…he says this should help while my husband begins his journey to quit smoking. I’m hoping that this works because we really would like to have little ones while we are still young!