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This cycle sounds really promising for you! :bsv:
I’m not too far behind you…I go in on April 9th for my Beta.:cross: I just got back from my IUI this morning and I go in Friday for my progesterone check.
I hope this is our :bfp:!!


This cycle sounds really promising for you! :bsv:
I’m not too far behind you…I go in on April 9th for my Beta.:cross: I just got back from my IUI this morning and I go in Friday for my progesterone check.
I hope this is our :bfp:!![/quote]

And to you too! :bsv:

I hope yesterday went well, fingers crossed for you :cross:

Make sure you let me know how it all goes, it’s nice to hear from other people in the same boat.


Hey everyone!

Good afternoon,

My dh and I have been trying for almost 3 years. As you can see in my signature this is not our first rodeo. We have been through everything I feel like. We have been down the TTC road, got pregnant and lost our beautiful baby boys at 21 weeks. We are jumping back in feet first and scared, excited and all the above. Hope I can be of help to anyone who has questions with treatments.


I just posted this in the April 13 IUI thread but probably should have posted here first! Here’s my background. Hi everyone. I am new to this forum and just starting my fertility treatment this week. I went in for my baseline ultrasound and the RN said my ovaries looked good, no cysts, 13 follies total (if I remember correctly). My doctor has me taking Clomid Days 3-7, Follistim injections (50 IU) starting tomorrow and every other day. A little nervous about giving myself the injections, but I hear it’s not too bad. I go in for more ultrasounds on Monday and Wednesday to see how things are progressing. I will take the Ovidrel shot when the time is right…hopefully I won’t overstimulate my ovaries. I am still really new to all of this :slight_smile: I am really really excited and hopeful it works the first time around!

Me, 28 - HA - haven’t had a natural period since 2009
DH, 31 - Perfect
HSG - Tubes are clear
SHG - Looks great


sayin’ hi

Hello everyone! I’m so glad to have found this forum, where I can connect with people who know what it’s like to go through infertility. DH and I are currently on our 3rd IUI. Keep your fingers crossed with us that 3rd time will be the charm! We are hopeful and trying to be realistic at the same time (you know how that goes…).

Thanks to all for posting, reading, and hoping with all of us.


New to the Community; First IUI April 2013

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Hi everyone,
I’m new to this site. A little confused on how to create cool signatures like everyone has below (mine is LAME I know), what abbreviations stand for and use how to use the site in general. My husband and I have been trying for a little over a year and a half. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility and he was diagnosed with low sperm count/mobility. His’ has since been fixed! :clap: However, mine obviously hasn’t. We are trying out first IUI this month (around the middle of April). Anyone have any advice? Please tell me there has been success with IUI treatments. :pray: Good luck and hope everyone gets a :bfp: soon![/FONT]


DH SA improved, considering first IUI…

Hello to all! So happy to have found this site.

Please see my signature. Orginally told ICSY was only option, but SA is impoving. Should we give IUI a try?? Any success stories with low counts? I still don’t understand all the numbers of the SA. I know DH count is still very low, but are the other numbers ok?


Beginning this exciting process

Hi everyone,

I have been silently following the IUI thread for the past few months and am in awe of the strength and support that I have had the privilege to witness. I have been sending :bsv: to everyone for the past few months. My wife and I are starting our IUI process and have been undergoing various tests and monitoring for the past few months. We are planning to have our first IUI at the end of April so I figured I’d come out of the shadows and introduce myself.



Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum and looking forward to hearing others stories!!! I have been reading for while :slight_smile: On my TWW… it should be called a two month wait based on how it feels lol :slight_smile:


What a great community! Just joined tonight and already loving it!

Feeling stressed and emotional this month after no mature follies with femara. positive reactions the last 4 months with Clomid but they thought I may respond better on something else…too bad it didn’t happen.

Starting fsh shots this next month with clomid again and hopefully iui too. Crossing my fingers for everyone.

My husband and I are keeping our heads up and are hopeful pregnancy comes soon!

Good luck to all!:pray:


New here!

Hello! I’m new here but have read so many single forum posts since our TTC journey! I started Clomid on 4/18 in preparation for IUI #1 this month. I will be shocked if it works and know it’s better if I try to be positive! It’s just hard when you see the stats. We didn’t think that DH would get his numbers up enough to be able to try IUI but he did with Clomid. I am excited to be a part of this community for answers and support!


IUI #1 tomorrow

Hello All - I’ve been browsing these threads for awhile and decided to join. I’ll try to keep this short because I see some with a lot of details. My name is Kim, I found out I have PCOS a few months ago. Gyn referred me to the fertility doc. Did all the tests, open tubes, about 25 cysts per ovary. And hubby with slightly low mobility. Did clomid, follistem and the trigger last night. Go in tomorrow for first IUI.


Hi Everyone! My name is Dawn and DH and I have been ttc for a year and a half. Had a fibroid removed from my uterus at the beginning of the month and now just waiting for AF so we can begin the IUI process for May. Nervous and excited! From what we can tell, no CM and a small cervix seem to be the problem.


New here and neevous!

Hi all! New here. Name is Lisa, and I might be one of the oldest.

I’m 44 years young. DB is 46. I have one son, age 14, but you know what happens when you meet the man of your dreams, right?

So, here we are…ONE follie on left measuring at 18.7mm today on cd12. Right ovary has nice, fat hemorrhagic cyst for now with possible follies we can’t see. Grr…otherwise no health issues, just age working against us. I’m insanely jealous of DB’s motility of > 85%, and everything else looking great. Not fair!

I am on cd12. Just did trigger shot of 10,000 units of HCG after 12 days of 150 units each of Bravelle and Menopur with 6 units of Lupron nightly only.

I’m scared, nervous, feeling emotional, bloated, anxious and happy all at the same time.

IUI is Friday morning. Fingers crossed, but we shall see. DB and I know this: we have each other, and for us, that really is the best gift of all…

Thanks for listening, and nice to meet you all! Sending :bsv: to all as well.




Hi! I have been looking around for a couple weeks and decided to join and wanted to introduce myself.

I am 29 and DH is 28. We have been TTC #1 since June 2011. After over 1 year of trying my OBGYN sent DH in for an SA and his count was super low so they scheduled a urologist appt for him in February. Just before his appointment we got a BFP after 20 cycles and we were so excited. Unfortunately I miscarried on Feb. 12th :’( It was so devastating. We were referred to an RE since it took so long to get pregnant in the first place. Since DH’s sperm count was so low she thought we would have to go directly to IVF. They did another SA and his count went way up :woohoo: so we will be starting medicated IUI next cycle. I am so nervous and anxious, but can’t wait to get started. This is the first time in a long time that I want AF to show up so we can get this show on the road!

Thank you for reading my long post. Good luck to you all :babydust:


new here!

Hi All- I am new to the forum. I have been reading and looking through here over the past month. My husband and I got married in September last year & were very ready to start our family and shortly after we were put on hold, as I was having severe thyroid problems and had my thyroid out in January 2013. We then got the green light the month after. Although it hadn’t been years of TTC I am 34 & my DH is 50 so I was anxious to get some tests done and make sure we were both ‘ready’ - Came back that I have no know fertility issues, but my DH has low sperm count/mobility etc. We opted to use DS and start IUI.

My 1st IUI was yesterday 4/28/13. I had taken Femera days 3-7, did OPK day 8, 9, and a positive on day 10 - called my clinic, they had me come in and do my HCG trigger around 10:30am on 4/27 and come in for IUI the next day at 11am.

I knew that this 2ww was going to be FOREVER - and I was right… It’s only been just over 24 hours and I’m so anxious/excited/nervous/scared. I know I need to just relax, but I swear this will be the longest 2 weeks EVER!

Hoping that the fact my test day falls on Mother’s Day is not just ironic :wink:

If anyone is going through this 2ww now I’d love a friend :slight_smile:

GOOD LUCK TO ALL!:babydust:


New here

My husband and I have been TTC for 2 yrs. I am 29 y/o and he is 34 y/o. We have had testing and it seems that I am ok and ovulating. My husband has a very low count and low morph. We just had our first IUI on 5/1. I’m hoping it is a success.

The past two years have been very difficult for both of us. I don’t know anyone in my personal life who has been struggling w/ fertility issues so it’s been difficult to talk to others about it. I finally decided that I would not talk to anyone else besides my husband in IRL about our situation because I have been burned or I don’t want to sound like I am discounting the good news of friends who have had kids or are expecting. I just need a place I can feel comfortable to talk about how I feel.

Thank you


Howdy everybody

Hoping this community can help ease some stresses that come with TTC.
I have unexplained fertility issues so far but a few gray areas exist and my husband has great sperm and unlikely to have any issues.
Best wishes for everyone out there!


hang in there IUI & baby dust

Chan—It is really difficult to go through the emotional roller coaster, but just keep a positive attitude and know that baby dust is coming your way!
My husband and I are on our second IUI and on the first one, I only had 1 follie that didn’t collapse after the trigger shot even with blood test of a positive surge. Even knowing that, I was devasted when I got a BFN:bfn:

So i am on clomid, again, this time 150 mg and my last day is on friday and then I go back on Monday and am hoping for something positive.
Keep us posted…


Nitramama—did you find out yet???