Introduce yourself here


Not yet - I jumped the gun on doing a hpt on day 10, that was negative… :cross: that i get better news in a couple of days, but Im trying to emotionally prepare myself that we this is the beginning of our IUI journey.




Hello everyone,

So I am new here and of course trying to be :preg: .
Thanks for all the great info. Have been stalking all the post for about 2 months.

Best Wishes, Dana



Hi everyone! I joined yesterday, and I’m excited to be able to read all these posts. So much information. I had my first HSG yesterday, and was diagnosed with bi-lateral hydrosalpinx. My doctor is telling me I need to have my tubes removed before attempting IVF so that is our next step. I’m scared! Any one else have their tubes removed and then have a successful pregnancy with IVF?

Good luck everyone!


Hi, I joined a while ago at the beginning to my clomid trials, obvious with absolute no success other than severe side affects. Today was the first IUI treatment and i’m really praying for this to work.

I’m 26 with PCOS, DH is 22 and a US Marine just returned from his first tour in the sand box.


Hello! My First Post!!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been reading the forums for the past couple of days.

Last week DH and I met with my OB for an infertility consultation and my OB referred us to an RE to talk more about IUI - i may be jumping the gun joining this but pretty sure IUI will be our next option considering my DH sperm mobility is almost non existent!

Looking forward to meeting with RE and getting more answers!! Hoping to meet sometime next week - our HMO referral is taking forever to be approved :grr:

Hoping to keep you all updated!! Wishing all of you that are currently in the TWW lots of patience and luck :slight_smile: and those that are waiting for treatments the best of luck too!!!


Hello to all the strong women out here!

Hi, I have been following this forum for quite some time now. The forum has acted as a huge support on my journey towards infertility treatment. Stories, experiences, suggestions, wishes & blessings I have found these all here as I searched for more and more information on the Internet.

Have been trying to conceive for almost 3.5 years and hadn’t thought that it could actually take so long. Have had all tests done and everything has come out normal (which is a bigger problem :grr: because once you know you have a problem you could work on possible solutions; when you don’t know what the problem is only GUESS WORK prevails).

Have had 6 cycles of clomid (ONLY) ; and two clomid + IUI cycles; no luck so far. Going for IUI with injectibles in the next cycle & hoping for the best :cross:… trying to keep self positive & all of you wonderful strong ladies act as a great motivation. Thanks for being there…much good luck to all !:pray:


I just joined this week :slight_smile: my hubby and i have been ttc for 2 yrs now and began seeing a fertility specialist a few months ago.

We had our first IUI on 6/1 with the ovudrel shot but i am not on any other medications (no clomid or anything)
So we are on our 2ww now gahhhb

I am 26 and am “undetermined infertility” hubby is 30 and has super sperm so we are at a loss as to whyyyyy no baby lol

Fingers crossed for IUI! :cheer:


Good Luck Heidiliz626!!!

we all know how long the 2ww can be! but gotta think positive thoughts!! keep us updated!!

:bsv: :grouphug:



Hi, my name is Kelly. I am new to this but found that whenever I googled a question on what I am going through it kept bringing me to this site. So I knew I had to join!

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 18 months. We have tried 4 rounds of clomid after it was discovered I have PCOS. I was sent to a RE and we were going to try Femera with trigger shot and IUI. We had some hold ups for a few months (:wings: ) but now we are good. I am waiting on taking a pregnancy test after the first round of Femara…another whole week to wait.

Who knew that when I was younger, I did everything possible to prevent babies. And now, doing everything possible to get one. It’s quite exhausting to me, physically and mentally. Anyone else feel the same way?


Hi everybody!

Hi everybody! This is my first time seeking support outside of my family and hubby. I need it! Just a quick bio…

Hubby and I have been together for 12 years, married for 7 and ttc for 6. We tried naturally for a while, even though I knew I probably had PCOS, and could go a year or more without seeing :af: so I knew there was an issue with ovulation.

We finally started in 2009 with 3 rounds of Clomid, I only ovulated one of those cycles. We took a long break, decided we weren’t quite ready for the next step, and started last May with one final unsuccessful round of Clomid. My HSG was fine, everything came out fine for me, except for the official diagnosis of PCOS and lack of a cycle/ovulation. Hubby’s SA was ok. Borderline low count, but has risen.

I had my first IUI on 5/30, and because of my lack of a cycle history was told to wait 18 LOOOOONG DAYS :woohoo: before taking a HPT. I was told my cycle looked AMAZING on paper, but I wanted to get your opinion!

I was on provera to bring on a cycle, then did follistim for a loooooong 18 days!!! It took me forever to respond (as it does a lot for women with PCOS), but when I finally responded, boy did I respond! I had one follie at 20.5, and 15 others ranging from 14-16mm. Lining was at 8.4 day of iui and 9mm 3 days after. Hubby had 49 million sperm prewash, wasn’t given post numbers Dr just said was fine. I went in 3 days post iui because I was in PAIN! I had a moderate case of OHSS, and I am finally starting to feel better. After my trigger, and almost 3 weeks of injections,I had some fluid and my ovaries were swollen and almost touching they were so big! I heard that women that develop OHSS seem to have higher success rates, is that true? How do my numbers seem to you guys? I am soooo hoping for that BFP! We are ready!! :pray: I will be testing on June 17th as long as I don’t see :af: beforehand. I am hoping I am one of those women that see implantation bleeding, so I can have a hint of hope before the end of my 2ww! I am 6dpiui today. Look forward to meeting and speaking with all of you!!! Heres to hoping for :bfp: for everybody!!!


Just joined yesterday. I’ve been on clomid for thee months. My first Iui was unsuccessful. On Monday the dr said I had 2 20mm follicles. They called me yesterday and going to have my Iui today at 11am.
I’m so nervous! He said my lining was good, my uterus looking good as well. Not sure how can they tell but at least it sounded positive.
But I’m just making time before I go and my heart is rising!
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


Hi everyone! Me and my DH have been TTC for almost 5 years. I talked about my concerns to my OB 1,5 years after trying to get pregnant and the woman told me I’m still young, shouldn’t be worried and just keep on trying. I wish she referred me to RE right then, maybe I wouldn’t now be 36 and freaking out…

After all the tests the first diagnosis was PCOS and I was put on Metformin. I put on 7lb in 2 months and had nasty side effects - practically every single one listed on the label. I decided to stop Metformin on my own, especially that I wasn’t convinced with the PCOS diagnosis.

We switched clinics this April, the new RE doubts PCOS, and this is my first cycle with clomid/ovidrel/TI. I wouldn’t mind going straight to IUI, but my insurance requires clomid cycles before moving on to other treatments.

So here I am, giving myself a chance to have a family. I’m not sure of what awaits me, how long and hard of a struggle, but trying to stay positive. :slight_smile:

All the best of luck to all of you!!

Anyone starting their journey TTC w Shady Grove, let me know, please. :slight_smile:


Just joined

Hi all! I just joined this week but have been stumbling on to this site for months during our journey.

A little about us:
My hubby was married previously and has 2 grown kids, conceived naturally. He had a vasectomy 20 years ago and then a reversal summer of 2012. He has SC but with low morphology and motility.

I checked out a-ok.

We underwent our first round of IUI (lucky that insurance pays for most of IUI). Had 8 follicles that with the help of clomid gave us 4 healthy follicles for trigger shot. Hubby had 3.3 million cleaned sperm and still a :bfn: ! And an :af: back with a vengeance!

Ready for our second round of IUI. Had my ultra sound yesterday with 16 follicles this time. Scared to see what clomid does this time!

I’m praying for a baby daily. Never realized how scary it could be to wait to have a baby then not be able to when you wanted it. :pray:


I feel the exact same way. I protected myself in every way while going to school and in early life. Now that I am married and want a baby, it is so hard to get knocked up. I am a teacher, and I actually have teenage former students getting knocked up. SO NOT FAIR. Praying for you!!


Hi Everyone,
I am new here and I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Alice, I was living in Italy and we just recently moved ot Japan. My husband is in the Military. I’m 23 and my husband is 35.

We have one little boy, Billy, who was born from TI + Femara. I do ovulate normally but I have long cycles, so the femara was extremely helpful. Unfortunately, it’s not a drug they use here in Japan very often :frowning:

Infertility treatment here in Japan is quite affordable - Our IUI cycles (w/Clomid) are around 30,000Yen ($300), with our new HMG protocol, it will be around 45,000Yen($450), so we wanted to undergo as much treatment as we can afford here in Japan before we head back to the US in 2015.

IVF here is around $6000, and I have a feeling we are headed towards IVF. They want you to do 6 (yes SIX!) Iui’s here before you try IVF, we are on our third this month.
Unfortunately, for us, it’s a money game, and we can only afford to either save for IVF or do treatments: not both. I’m sure this is a struggle many of you can understand!

It’s heartbreaking every month to feel I am wasting my money. I say that because the Dr’s here are notoriously conservative: they want you to undergo IUI with only 1 follicle, which I’m sure we re all aware, has around a 9% chance of working.

Hopefully the medications I’m taking this month (HMG injections: One injection every 2 days?) will help with producing mulitple follicles.

I also want to broach the subject of doing a back-to-back IUI with my doctor. They don’t offer it at his clinic, but I’m hoping he will say yes!

I’m headed away for the month of August so this will be my last shot before a little break.

Praying for my :bfp: soon!


Hello there!

Been ttc for approx one year now.

1/13 & 2/13 two cycles of clomid/natural = bfn
3/13 tubal cannulation due ti suspicion of blocked tube or tube with localized spilling (in other words…not flowing well.)
4/13 & 5/13 menopur shots, ovidrel & iui = bfp & chem preg

Now waiting for results for chromosome testing…since chem preg happened b2b.

That’s my story!


Hi, my name is Joel, 32 years old, married for 5 years and been trying to conceive for the last 4 years. My wife has never been pregnant - no miscarriages whatsoever. In fact, she’s never even missed her period. We’ve been trying by ourselves for the most part. Finally, we’ve decided to consult a fertility specialist.

I have been doing my online research about infertility and it led me to this forum. I haven’t browsed through many parts yet, but I’m sure there is a lot I can learn and share with my wife.

I’m also hoping to get to know some of you out there who can share their experiences when they first started out seeking professional help for these issues.


New to forum

Well I joined yesterday I have been looking for woman who have been going through what I have been going through to talk to I had my iui on the 20th and my beta test is aug 2nd looking forward to getting to know everyone :bsv: :cross:


Can’t afford IVF

Hello ladies!!!

Just joined the community last week and I’m so addicted to these forums.

DH and I have been TTC naturally for 2 years with no success. Both of us are 34 yrs old- maybe a little overworked.

Finally saw the RE and found out that my HSG showed one block tube and DH’s SA showed low morphology.

Naturally we were very upset.

Seeked a second opinion and went to a bigger hospital and a more comprehensive fertility center. Had a repeat HSG and SA and everything came out normal!!! So now we have a diagnosis of Unexplained Inefertility

So confused now.

We started IUIs last month. We are on our 2ww on our 2nd IUI attempt with Clomid and Ovidrel. Praying this will work.

Our RE said that we should move on to more agressive procedures if we have three unsuccessful IUI attempts.

Frankly, we can not afford IVF Treatments, so we are pretty much putting all our eggs in the IUI basket…literally!

Just curious on how many women actually have successes with IUI’s and how many tries did it take.

Also want to know what kind of lifestyle changes we can make to increase our fertility.

Thank you!


Hey everyone. I joined this week. I found this forum when I was researching some symptoms following my last IUI. I was reading posts, and found a forum for people in their 2WW and I thought “Yes! This is a place for me” I’m here to stay distracted while I wait, and to learn from others. It’s nice to hear from people who have experienced the journey of infertility.

I’m Canadian, and from what I’ve been reading, a lot of you need to come to Canada! Fertility treatments aren’t cheap here, but they are MUCH more cost effective.

My Story: I always wanted to be a young mother, so at 25, after a year of marriage, my husband and I decided to start a family. Oh boy, was I shocked when it didn’t happen that easily. I remember reading that 70% of people under 25 get pregnant in their first year.

WHAT?!?! After that first year, I started to panic, and went to see a fertility doctor. The next three years I’ve spent in various fertility testing, two surgeries for a polyp and mild endometriosis and doing IUI’s. I‘ve had two chemical miscarriages, so we won’t move on to IVF until we know if it is a new obstacle to face or just pure accident. Also, IVF’s are MUCH more expensive then IUI’s, and I only started using injectables this year.