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Hello, my name is Kendra. I’m brand new to this. My wife and I are getting ready to have our first IUI. I feel like the whole process has moved rather quickly. We are using donor sperm and I have never tried to get pregnant before. We are not using any medication for our first cycle to give my body a fair shot. I am very nervous!


Welcome Kendra! Very exciting going for your first. :slight_smile:


Hello All! I am 23 and DH is 26, we have been TTC for almost 4 years now. I always knew I was going to have trouble in this area as I have PCOS and have known since I was 12 which is when I started having my first troubles with cysts. We tried on our own for a while and then my OB/GYN put me on femora and then clomid and neither worked. I was told 2 days ago that our next option is the “injectables” along with IUI or IVF. Obviously, I would choose the injections with IUI first as it is cheaper than IVF, but we really don’t have that kind of money either :(. My fertility nurse gave me information on the compassionate care program and I qualified for 50% off of my injectable drugs which I found out today and I was just so darn happy that I bawled and bawled. hopefully we can come up with the money soon enough (I am in between jobs right now and waiting to start my new one within the month) that we can start our first round of injectables with IUI. I am just hoping it works as we can’t afford to do too many cycles.


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My name is Melissa. I am new to this site and infertility. I have been trying for 9 months. I was on the DEPO shot for a year and have been off for almost a year. The doctor put me on 2 doses of provera to regulate my periods. After two doses I still did not have a period so she put me on birth control for 3 months. Finally, on the third month I had a regular period. The following month I was put on Clomid and I ovulated and still no pregnancy. I have had several test done and everything is normal. I don’t know what my next option should be.


Newbie from SA ,

hello everyone

i have a daughter who is 6 and we have tried for another baby this whole year , I had lap and then lost so much weight , because i was told i have pcos and endo .
we had our 1st IUI on the 28/09/2015. did the hpt and i got bfn , it only been 8 days ,but I am really going insane , I have done some research ,do i need to check again after day 12


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Hi I am Maria I joined the forum to view solution of some problems and to give my opinions.


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Hello every one,
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I think every family faces almost the same troubles. At the very beginning I couldn’t organize my time wisely. We felt stressed and tired as well. That led to the lack of positive emotions. Every day after work my husband had to amuse not only our son but me also. I appreciate his understanding and support very much. Also his family tried to help us. Taking longer walks together with our baby changed the state of things for better. Twice a week we attended classes for new parents. We found new friends there. Now we are sure to have more people to support you. Earlier I thought that giving birth to a child was the most difficult thing to do. Now I do believe that everything’s still ahead! These are also some tips for you to make your life a little easier. Sleep as much as you can by learning to work around your baby’s sleep patterns. As she only sleeps in blocks of two to four hours, so will you. Try to go to bed as early as you can in the evening so you’ve had some shuteye before she wakes up in the night. During the day, nap when she does, and take heart - as she grows, your baby will sleep for longer periods.


Every mother experiences the childbirth differently. Some women get slight shock, others not. Thanks to modern medicine. There are so many options to ease the pain. But be sure, everything will be ok.
Coming back to what you should be ready for after the childbirth. In the first few days after the birth you may experience ‘after pains’ or period-like cramps. They are caused by the uterus contracting back to its previous size. There is nothing to worry about, because it’s natural. For the first several weeks after the birth, you will bleed, not unlike a period. This process took me only three weeks, but it may last up to six weeks. It’s normal too. Specialists call it ‘lochia’ and it occurs when the womb sheds tissue. To deal with it you’ll have t wear sanitary towels for some time. The situation is more complicated when you’re in case of Caesarean. You may find ordinary things like getting up and walking around painful. It can take up to six months to recover fully. In the meantime driving and lifting heavy objects should be avoided for at least six weeks. Most of all, take it easy and don’t worry much about.