Hello everyone! Here’s my intro: I am 37, DH also 37. He had testicular cancer so he has frozen sperm, otherwise infertile. We underwent IVF #1 in 2011 and now have a 16 mo. old and 3 frosties. Now we’d like to try for #2 using FeT. I’d like 3 children, but realize that my age is not on my side. I am still carrying 18 lbs. from pregnancy that I need to lose so I am working on that. We meet the RE on the 1st of march and will likely cycle in May/June.


Hey gobola!
This sounds almost exactly like what my story is. I too went under IVF in 2011 and have a 13 month old. I am 38 and I have two snowbabies. I too need to lose weight about 20lbs before I attempt to go for my FET. My DH and I really would like to have one more little one to add to our great family! The weight thing is a problem for me since I have been battling a hyperthyroid which decided to go into the hypothyroid state recently. So I need to get my thyroid under control first or a pregnancy could be complicated. I am also not familiar with the fet process and I am trying to get more info on it. Good luck and keep me informed on your progress. Can not wait to find out you got the BFP! Baby dust coming your way.