Hi all,
I just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself and give a little bit of info about what brought me here. My name is Cindy, I’m 30, live in PA, and happily married for one year on Oct 26th! 3 years ago, my life forever changed when I ended up in the ICU, almost died a bunch of times, and found out I had a heart condition that I was initially told could make me drop dead any second and also, a few months after that, I found out my uterus was in a pre-cancerous state. I was bleeding so badly from my uterine problems that I was on complete bedrest, could barely even get up to go to the bathroom or go to dr appointments. Due to that, I formed a massive bloodclot in my leg (it was so large it actually went from my foot all the way up my leg and into my pelvis!) So while in the hospital for that I found out I have a genetic blood clotting disorder which was one of the reasons why the clot was so large. Ended up on blood thinners for 2 years, my hemotologist let me come off in January but he told me in no uncertain terms if I EVER throw another clot, I’m back on blood thinners for the rest of my life period. Believe it or not this is the short story lol. So anyway, I’ve always wanted kids. I never really had a strong desire to be anything but a wife and a mother. Well when the OBGYN found out about my precancer, she treated it with a medically necessary Mirena. She did tell me I would eventually need a hysterectomy but she understood how important having kids was to me and she wanted badly to at least give me a chance. She did say it’d be risky, high chance of miscarraige, etc, and that she didn’t know how many years she could buy me before I’d have to have the hysterectomy because at some point it will turn to full blown cancer. At the time I had just met my now husband. From the getgo with him we talked about everything and I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone else in my life. So I basically laid it all out for him very early on in the relationship and said look, I’m on a time frame. I want kids and don’t know how long of a window I have so I’m not looking for a long dating period, etc. Needless to say he didn’t walk away. We were married on our 1 year of meeting. Now in the meantime I was diagnosed with some other health issues like diabetes and also told that my leg is now phlebitic. Also I moved when I moved in with my husband. So went to new OBGYN in this area and told her the whole history, said we’re married now, we don’t want to waste any time, I want the Mirena removed. She told me #1 she can’t even make that decision, I’d have to go to a high risk pregnancy specialist for the whole pregnancy, and through most of it probably go twice a week. Closest one of those dr.s is an hour and a half away. I don’t drive and my husband works a lot. But still okay somehow we can figure that out. #2- She diagnosed me with PCOS which no one ever had before and told me I’d have a hell of a time even getting pregnant. Then if I did manage to, with all my health issues I would have a greater than 50% chance of miscarraige. Okay obviously upsetting and yeah if that happened multiple times it may be too much emotionally but still let’s try and see. #3- even if we got through those first things, between my heart condition and blood clot issues, not to mention all the other stuff, if I got to the labor stage, I myself most likely would not survive labor. So this is the point where having children is so incredibly important to me and also I feel like I’m a damn strong person and can survive, I STILL want to try. However, my husband does not under any circumstances want me to risk it. Just even talking about it with him, he’d get so upset at the thought of losing me he would start crying. He loves the hell out of me. So I can’t do that to him. So eventually we want to foster and adopt from there but that’s still probably at least a few years away because of the requirements you have to meet etc. Anyway this is way longer than I intended. If you’ve read this far, thank you. But bottom line all of this has been very depressing so I decided to see if there was a forum out there for support for things like this and this is what I found. So hopefully I can get to know some people in similar situations who can truly relate.



Dear Cindy,

Welcome & thanks for your sharing…
In my opinion, it’s worthy to keep trying…as long as we still believe in the positive results in the future! Coz living with hope…even just a tiny one is still much better than giving up!!! :pray:

Be strong… :grouphug:



Thank you for your response and for reading my long post lol. It is nice to “meet” you :slight_smile: