Irregular long cycles,


if you have thyroid problems do you have irregular cycles

this be saying as i went over records from 2006 and said my tsh was 4.10 then 2007 was 4.58, i was about 106kgs though then and also had very irregular long cycles,

anyways we wanted another bubs and it was happening and my dr told me those numbers were fine

anyways i had given up trying and then went on diet shakes in 2009 lost 20kgs then i felt sick on them turns out i was pregnant bit suprise, never got levels checked as didnt no at the time that all that mattered to get pregnant.

anyways here i am again wondering, as we want to start trying again, and im only on my first month trying with opks gonna use them, i have a cycle between 30 to 34 days average being 32 so ovulate late in the cycle, well i think i ovulate,

atm im taking temps which seem to be 36.2 to 36.1 atm i started on cycle day 1, today is day 13. and im not meant to ovulate till round tues ff says, so im keeping check, end of last month my temps were 36.6 before i got my period so was higher def at end in waiting stage compared to waiting to o stage

does that mean im ovulating and my thryoid should be ok, if i have regular cycles and reg temp shifts or not really.

im back on diet shakes now my little girl just turned 2, and i kept it off while being pregnant but gained back and have since lost 15kgs so im hoping things will be ok this time,

i am due for blood test tomorrow to check liver tests etc for shakes so am def gonna ask again about tsh reading.

sorry if that was all confusing,

so my question is,
if i have a regular cycle, and temp shifts does that mean im prolly good as far as thryoid goes

i must add gernerally my period is light to well i guess i would consider liht gernerally gone in 3 days, sometimes i have tmi bits drop out so a bit more, im not sure whats normal and whats not as far as bleeding, would say heavy wouldnt say light,