Irregular Periods After Pregnancy



We’re thinking about trying naturally for #2 for a while but I am wondering if anyone has had issues with their cycles being irregular once they returned.

Our plan was for to stop BF at 5mo so my period could return and we could try again…supposedly in that magical 1 year of extra fertility we heard about that occurs after pregnancy. Well, I felt blessed when my period returned on its own after 6 months.

When my period returned, the first 2 cycles were 30 days apart and I did show ovulation on opk. But this month, I did show ovulation on day 15/16 but my period came on day 21, only 6 days after ovulation making my luteal phase and cycle way to short to conceive. Needless to say I was devastated…pretty much reliving the sadness and frustration of my IF journey in the past.

I am still BF, but not as much as he’s taking formula and is eating some solids. I wonder if the BF can still be throwing off my cycle or even without BF if my cycle would be irregular and how long it would take to normalize in order to even have a chance of conceiving.

Thank you in advance for your advice!


It sounds like what you are experiencing is normal, and your body just needs time to balance out again. My LP was short when my period came back after my first pregnancy. My period came back about 7 months after delivery (exclusively BF’ing), and I weaned about 6 months later. I started charting my cycles 6 months after AF returned, and my LP was only 9 days, so it could have been shorter when my period first returned, but I’m not sure. Vitamin B6 is good for lengthening your LP and increasing progesterone. I took it for a while and my LP went from 9 days to 13 within a few months. It’s probably better to take a vitamin B-complex though, since it contains the correct proportion of B6 to other B vitamins.