Is 50mg of PIO enough?


Since ER my RE has had me on 50mg of PIO a day. After transfer I started 1500 unit doses of HCG every third day. could that be the reason I am only taking 50mg of PIO. It seems so low compared to everyone else.

How much do you take?


No it’s fine that’s all I ever took :slight_smile:


I take 2cc twice per day.


How many CCs you do also depends on the strength. Once I was on 50mg/cc and I had to do 2cc a day. After that I was on 100mg/cc and did 1cc a day.
I think the usual dose is 100mg per day with PIO. With my last donor embryo transfer, my clinic in Czech said to do 4 prometrium inserts a day. I insisted on 100mg (1cc) PIO instead and they didn’t fight me on it. If you would feel better taking more let your clinic know. Make sure you get your prescription for the 100mg/cc so you only have to do one shot a day. If you get the 50mg/cc and want a higher dose, it’s 2 shots a day and after several weeks, you can get pretty sore.


I called and they insist that I only need 50mg. They are the experts so I am going to try and trust them. They have gotten me this far. Thanks.