Is anyone else panicking?


I am 3 days past IUI and for some reason I am panicking…
Panicking that the meds are making me sick… wondering what they have done to my body. panicking that if I do get a :bfp: this time that it will be an ectopic like last time.

Is this normal? Has anyone else gone through anything similar? Any advice or support would be great


pipwe - First let me say RELAX. I think you are panicing because you did get a BFP on first IUI. Then it ended badly with a m/c - ectopic. I can feel your pain and understand how you feel as I got a BFP on my 3rd IUI cycle but it ended in a m/c. I actually sat out one cycle and here I am doing it again. I’m a little concerned that if I get a BFP this time will there be a recurring m/c. I try not to think that way #1 and I pray almost daily that should I get the BFP this cycle that the fertilized egg will implant where it should be and that it will stay there for the entire 9 months.

Your feelings are very valid, that said, you need to relax and know that this time things will be different. Good luck to you.