Is de-toxing the best way forward?


Hi all,

I’m new to this but there are so many positive messages on here.

I am a 43 year old, single, woman who is trying to get pregnant on her own. I am currently going through IUI with a sperm donor.

I’ve been trying to de-tox - cutting out alcohol, red meat, processed food etc. but all this denial made me feel really down and I started to wonder if that would be worse for my body and state of mind than not cutting out all the bad stuff?

Any advice?



You should definitely cut down on alcohol and caffeine, but depending on how much you are used to having a day, you don’t necessarily have to go cold turkey. If you usually have 6 cups of coffee a day, try to cut down to 3. Then cut down to 1, then you can still let yourself have one occasionally, but you won’t need it daily.


Detoxification refers to a natural process and steady the body eliminate toxins or poisons in the liver, kidney, colon, lymph nodes and skin. Although our bodies do naturally every day, we sometimes need an extra step to clean our systems.Like a window washer working on a skyscraper, the system of the body is natural detoxification never quite catches with dirt. One study showed that even people with a healthy lifestyle has an average of 91 potentially harmful toxins in their system.