Is it possible that fallopian tube doesn't meet ovary?


I know this is a question for my doctor, and that he’ll probably say it’s not a problem, but this has been really bothering me.

A little background: I’m 38, did an embryo freezing cycle last year which yielded 7 egg, 6 of which fertilized and were frozen on day 2. Because of the fairly poor egg yield, my partner and I decided to TTC right away. (We were originally planning on waiting a while longer, and that’s why we did the freeze). His sperm is great. I also responded “very well” to the meds, based on the fact that my estrogen levels went up quickly.

My FSH and Estradiol were 7.4 and 96 the first time (day 3), and 8.8 and 56 the second time I tested (day 2). My AMH was .68. I have very regular but fairly short cycles (25-26 days). I always get a positive ovulation kit result once a month, using the clearblue with the smiley face (the one with the lines was useless!)

We have now been TTC for about 6-8 months. My RE is pretty aggressive so I have done one chlomid cycle of 50 mg with IUI. He said I responded “very well” to the chlomid, and he put me on progesterone, but the preg test came negative.

So here is my question: I have very painful ovulation when I ovulate on my right side, which is almost every month. A doc that did my ultrasound said it’s because my right ovary is tucked BEHIND my uterus. I asked my RE if this is a problem and he said absolutely not.

But then, when I had my HSG, the doc said that though my right fallopian tube is not visible in the scan, he saw the liquid go through it- it’s just that it’s lying on TOP of my uterus so you can’t see it. It was only later, when I got home, that I wondered if the fallopian tube on top and the ovary behind could be a problem. I guess the frustration of the constant negative pregnancy tests is making me paranoid, but I’m wondering if anyone on here has ever heard of anything like this.

Thanks for any help and good luck everyone!