Is it possible to get Twins Via IVF?


Hello friends, I want to know “how is it possible you got twins by IVF treatment”. Actually last year I got a baby boy with IVF treatment from Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital, Ludhiana, India. Doctors tell me that you have chances to get twins but not done. So, Now I am excited to get twins. Is getting a chance to give birth to the twins through IVF. Is it safe or not?


Why not? If you want to have twins go ahead and ask your dr if you can go for it. If your body is prepared.
It is usually 1-2 embryos that are transferred and it can potentially lead to multiple pregnancies.
But you have to see for yourself. If your body is strong enough to provide both of the embryos with enough nutrition.
We won’t be asking for twins or anything of that sort. Even though we have signed for surrogacy with World center of baby. We are just not that skilled hehe


I was not trying to conceive as I was infertile for forever. I had hysterectomy cancer at early stages. We had the right treatment for it but I was infertile for life after its treatment. I was unhappy because I was infertile for life. But husband supported me and said we will have a baby from surrogacy. He took a long break from his work and start our journey. Soon we will be back at home with babies in our arms.