Is it possible to have PCOS AND DOR?


Here’s a little history for you:

I’m 31. Had PCOS-like symptoms for a number of years: weight gain around the middle, chin hairs, thinning hair, acne, irregular cycles. Had longish (30-35 day) cycles as a teen, but they were otherwise normal. Went on BCP at age 18 until age 29 (no breaks). Never been pregnant or tried to conceive until now.

After going off BCP, I began having long cycles (45-60 days). Gyno prescribed low dose of metformin (500mg a day) and provera to jump start a new period. In August, after a particularly long cycle, she uppped the dosage to 750mg. After not getting much other help from her, and no success conceiving for 15 months, decided to make an appointment with an RE for a PCOS workup. Since going up to 750mg a day, and also including vitex, B complex, fish oil, cinnamon+chromium, my periods have become shorter. In fact, the two cycles before my current one were too short. I DID successfully get positive OPKs on days 15 and 20 on the last two cycles, but the luteal phases were too short.

So when I went to my first RE visit, they did a vaginal ultrasound to look at my ovaries. Instead of many cysts, there were actually too few! I had a total of 8 (4 on each side) antral follicles. I still have more tests to do (FSH, AMH, etc.) to determine exactly what is going on, but I can’t take them until Jan. In the meantime I’m freaking out, wondering what could really be going on. After everything I’ve read about DOR, the prognosis seems grim. I have so many questions:

Has anyone else had a combination of symptoms like mine? (PCOS, LPD and DOR?) I’ve read that PCOS doesn’t always include the polycystic part.
Is IVF the only option if I really have DOR? Any success stories with just Clomid or IUI? Or even natural/spontaneous conception? I’m hoping at age 31, time is on our side a bit.
Could the metformin or the supplements be counter-effective with DOR?

Any advice or kind words are appreciated!