Is it possible?


A little history-
1x ectopic right tube removed August 2012
1x ectopic, natural loss of pregancy without treatment in
feb 2013 hcg went to 0.

Have been having protected sex due to recent ectopic but its possible that the condom broke at least once that we know of approx 2 weeks ago. (long story)

Currently having pain on left side of abdomen, nausea, nose is alert to all smells, urinating frequently,

Went to ER at 4am due to pain, Blood test ruled neg to pregnancy and same with urine test. Drs assumed was UTI OR OVARIAN CYST and referred me to my GP for futher testing. Sent home.
Came home and slept for 9-10ish hours (due to pain killers) and just to humour myself i did a HPT and i got a faint positive??

Has anyone else had this happen and gone on to have a successful pregnancy?

Will be doing HPT again in a few days…

:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: This is the real thing…


It seems a bit odd that an HPT would show a faint and yet just the day previous a blood serum level was negative since the blood serum should be much stronger than a urine test.

Also, some cysts can put off HCG and cause a false positive hpt, but again I would think that would have showed up in the blood serum the previous day so…

IDK–anything is possible though! Sending you lots of :babydust: :babydust: !! :cross: your hpt’s continue to get darker positives and this one isn’t ectopic. :cross: