Is it true that higher beta numbers do not have to double?


I am a mess since I got my last beta #s. My 2nd beta was 3970 and 4 days later it got to 10,469 only. The doubling time is 69 hrs. I keep reading opposite stories: some say their doctors are not happy if beta doesn’t double even at this range (thousands and tens thousands), others keep referring to some website that says that once beta reaches certain range it slows down. The nurse didn’t seem concerned and said that at this stage they don’t care about doubling anymore, but only care if beta keeps increasing.

At one of my prev. pregnancies (ended as m/c, but unrelated to this topic), I had similar numbers and went from 3600 to 15,000 in 5 days. Exactly doubled, but in 5 days. This time, it’s only 4000 to 10,500 in 4 days. … what also concerns me is that my hcg was super-fast before the last beta - like tripling.


My doctor doesn’t even do more than two betas, unless there is a problem of course. I think your numbers are great and you should trust your nurse. Your ultrasound will make you feel better! Congrats on your beta!


Yes. Absolutely. As the number gets higher the doubling time slows considerably. Here’s a good chart of by how much it slows: As you can see from the chart, your doubling time is fine.


I think your numbers sounds great!! When is your u/s?