Is IUI applicable to women with blocked tubes


Hi everyone,

We been ttc for 2 years. RE said that my tubes are blocked. The only option for us is IVF. Is IUI not even an option for me?



No. IUI works in the same way as intercourse, except that the sperm is delivered directly to the uterus through a catheter, as opposed to the cervix with intercourse. The sperm still needs to flow through the tubes to meet up with the egg.

I think there are probably instances of flukey situations where pregnancy occurs with blocked tubes, but I would not think IUI would be a good use of your time or money if your tubes are both blocked.

Sorry, I wish this was an option for you.


Like Kris said, no IUI isn’t something someone with blocked tubes should do. With IUI the egg needs to travel down the tubes and the sperm needs to travel up the tubes. With blocked tubes, both of those can’t happen and make an embryo. IVF is the best option for blocked tubes.

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Thanks to the replies. Perhaps the only option for me is IVF. We will consider it early of next year.


Hello -

Both my tubes were blocked and at that time IVF was the only option. I have severe endometriosis and it caused my tubes to be blocked Fortunately, when i had surgery to remove some endo, my right tube opened - miracles happen… Now i am able to do IUI. The only thing is, i need to have dominant follices develop where my tube is for it to work.

Have you considered unblocking your tubes?

There are rare cases that people still get pregnant and their tubes are considered blocked but for some reason there may be a partial opening, but its pretty rare… Keep the faith anything is possible.


What are the specifics about your tubes? Are they fully blocked? Both of them? I was told that I have a possibility of a partially blocked tube (the dye flowed in but not back out). I was later told that in 50% of these cases the tube was simply having a spasim. I also read on one of these forums that on an HSG procedure a lady had a fully blocked tube but when she had the procedure redone in a year and her tube was fully open. Could you have another HSG done?