Is mini IVF worth another shot?


I just had a failed mini IVF cycle and while I’m considering conventional IVF, I wonder if I should give mini another go, but at a different clinic. The cost of conventional is very daunting. It will be a few months before I try anything again but I want to spend the time thinking and making the right decision.


bbe - first I want to say I’m sorry.

I would consider mini IVF again, but what you described as a mini IVF doesn’t sound like what I’ve researched mini IVF’s to be. Check out the website for New Hope Fertility clinic in NYC. They do mini IVF’s and they have a really good success rate at it. I think the things to consider here are what is the success rate of the mini IVF’s in the clinics that you consult. If you are not willing to travel it might make better sense to do traditional IVF if the clinics you are considering have higher success rates with traditional IVF.

Dr. Silber wrote a good book called how to get pregnant with the new technology (or something like that) and he talks about cost vs likelihood of getting pregnant. He talks about having patients who have come to him after years of doing fertility drugs and IUI’s who are emotionally exhausted and financially drained, but had they gone to IVF first they might have saved themselves a lot of heartache and time as well as money in the long run.

I’m not saying to go straight to conventional IVF, as you can see from my signature I did 4 IVF’s with no success. It was only after I did a FET that I had success. I think it is just worth more research and feeling comfortable with your doctor and the protocol they prescribe. Good Luck on the rest of your journey!

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Thanks holdingmybreath. I wish I lived closer to New Hope…I’m all the way in California. I would definitely try there if I was a little closer. Who knows…I still have a few months before I can do anything at all.


What was your mini-ivf protocol?


My protocol is in my signature. Clomid for five days and then injectibles were supposed to be for two days, but my follicles were growing slowly so I had to stay on Bravelle for about three more days.


Micro IVF with Sher Insitute

Although my Micro IVF was not successful in Nov 2010 I was pleased with protocol and my egg production. I had 24 Follices and 15 eggs.

We transferred two blastocysts on Day 5 (best you can get) but ended in a chemical pregnancy- which means eggs implanted but viability was not good and I miscarried early. This leaves LOTS of hope for the next Micro. Which we are planning for july 2010. DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE many women it takes 1, 2 or 3 tries!

I strongly encourage you to contact the SHER INSTITUTE they have Micro down to an ART and I know many women have conceived FIRST TRY on their micro protocol. THe cost is $4500 and my meds were $1200.

Please see my protocol in my signature. I agree with the other comment that your protocol does not look promising for Micro. Dr. Sher is amazing hes in Vegas and I am pretty sure they have a Sher Insitute in CA too.

Fertility Doctor, Vitro Fertilization Dallas, IVF Clinic New York, Las Vegas, Sacramento | is their website.

Keep me posted and best wishes!


Thanks Ashley. That’s a great number of eggs you got. I’m thinking to try again around the same time as you. I’ve read about micro IVF at Sher, but they don’t take patients who have any type of male factor in the equation. My DH has low sperm count. :frowning: