Is my baby really gone?


I’m so confused and heartbroken. We tried for 14 months to get pregnant and I found out June 16 I was pregnant (hcg 33). On July 2, I started bleeding, but not heavily. Went to the ER on July 6, and the hcg was 784. They did an ultrasound but could only see a sac (4 mm). This past week, I had my hcg levels checked two days apart and both readings were @900 (note: different labs did all the tests except for the last two and my ob says it’s better to compare levels from the same lab). According to LMP, on July 11, when I had another u/s, I should have been 7 weeks pregnant. It’s possible I was 6 weeks pregnant since my cycle the previous month was 37 days. On that u/s, they were still seeing just a sac measuring 4 mm, and it didn’t seem like they had ever seen a situation like mine that ended happily. So, they and I were certain I was going to miscarry. I was going to wait for nature to take its course, but continuing to be pregnant with a baby who either stopped developing or never developed is too hard for me. So I scheduled a D and C for this Tuesday, July 16. Now I’m panicking that maybe there’s a chance I could have a viable pregnancy. I’m seeing stories of people who had hcg levels that didn’t rise and still had a healthy baby or who had small sacs at 6 weeks…should I wait and confirm that the baby still isn’t growing? Or am I in denial that my baby is gone? Either way, having the d and c will be devastating to me, since at that point the baby really will be gone. But part of me needs that to happen to move on. I am 43 years old and not sure how much more time I have…I appreciate anyone who reads this and has any words of wisdom for me.


Hello there,

I know this isn’t easy to go through, just remember there are a thousand bumps before the finish line…

If I was you, I would wait and get another u/s and maybe a second opinion. Remember, you are in control and no one can’t pressure you.

Stay strong and positive and I wish you all the best.




Thank you, Alexis. Being on here and hearing from other women is helping me calm down a little…