Is spotting in early pregnancy related to physical activity?


I’m 5 weeks, 3 days today and on Thursday night, I had some pink spotting. Today I had bright red bleeding, I would say slightly heaver than spotting but not by much. It tapered off after about an hour. What I noticed was that my spotting Thur night happened after a busy day of being on my feet a lot due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and then also going for a walk where I ended up having to carry my son’s bike. It’s not heavy, probably less than 10 lbs but I carried it for awhile. This morning, I vacuumed with my heavy Dyson vacuum and my bleeding started about an hour after. Is this just a coincidence or could my physical activity, which doesn’t seem like much, be causing it? I’m scared and nervous and can’t wait for my ultrasound to make sure everything is okay. Thank you!!


I don’t know about every case but mine wasn’t. And from everything I read it can actually be more common than we think to have some bleeding in early pregnancy. Just make sure to let your RE know. The day that mine started I called my clinic and they had me come in to have an ultrasound that day to make sure everything was ok which it was.