Is the liquid or capsule better


For those who take Royal Jelly…

-Is the liquid or capsule better?

-All of the liquid types I’ve found online also contain honey…is it better to just get plain royal jelly? If so, where can I find the plain kind…

Thanks so much for your help!!


I take the capsule form of Royal Jelly. I’ve never taken the liquid form, but I heard that they do not taste that great. I like the capsules because they’re convenient and easy to swallow.

Good luck!


I bought mine fresh from Mt Olives in my town. If you have an organic food/ vitamin store in your town they may have it. The nutritionist said not to buy the capsules because a lot of the beneficial properties are lost in processing. Honey helps preserve the natural benefits of RJ too, so if you can’t find fresh RJ, I would recommend buying it in the honey.
BYW, my RJ tastes so bad, lol! It literally tastes like bee puke, but I’m willing to do anything for a BFP. After two months of it, i’ve gotten used to it. I’ve had the honey before, and it tastes bad too, but in a different way. I didn’t like the thought of eating so much sugar 2X/ day and the honey had less actual RJ. So for this next IVF, I bought it fresh. BOL!


If I get the capsules, how many milligrams do I take a day?