Is there a long wait to get into CCRM?


We conceived # 1 in 2007 with our first IVF/ICSI. So far in 2010, we have done a fresh cycle and an FET that failed. I am currently in the 2ww of another fresh cycle. Obviously I hope this one works, but if it doesnt we are considering CCRM. Anyone know how long it takes to get in and get started? Thanks!


I did CCRM and was able to get in and get started very quickly. You have to do a One-day workup that is all of your testing, etc., plus meeting with the nurses, doc, signing consents, financial stuff, etc. If you’re coming from out of town, you can schedule it at the same time as your day 3 labs or other initial testing that you have to do.

You also need to have a current pap, and if you are 35 or over, a current mamogram, so make sure you have those done early so they won’t hold you up.

Other than that, most of it depends on your cycle, and they do close a couple of times a year, so you might have to work around those dates.

I found them friendly and easy to work with, and I ALWAYS got a call back from my nurse anytime I had a question, which was very nice. Hope this helps. There is a whole CCRM thread on this board, too, which would be a good place to ask.