Is there a mini-IVF thread somewhere?


I’m looking for more info on mini-IVF (using injectibles). I was on another website and someone mentioned a thread existed with over 600 pages, but I couldn’t find it. Can anyone please point me in the direction of a forum here or on another site? Thank you!

Trying to learn about clinics, drs, costs, success stories, good and bad experiences.


They might have been talking about New hope but that mini and conventional. I just used Cooper center in New Jersey, I paid 3225 my meds were gonal f 225 and menopur 75. Gonal f was then increased 75 more. I got 7 eggs 5 fertilized, two transferred. 3 on ice. Fet is 2600. The mausher clinic I used menopur and femera 4 eggs, 3 fertilized and transferred. 5600 both cycles bfn.


[B]Paulsgirl[/B] - Thanks for your response. So your Cooper cost of $3225 did NOT include the FET and you had to pay another $1200 for that? Were you put on clomid? My understanding of mini IVF is that many REs use clomid, which makes doing a fresh transfer typically out of the question, since it thins the lining. Did you use anesthesia for the retrieval and was that included in the price? Which dr did you see at Cooper and what were your impressions?

Have you done a regular IVF? What made you decide to try mini-IVF?

Sorry, lots of questions. Lots to ponder…


I did mini ivf because that’s all I can afford Plus for the price of 1 regular ivf I can do 3 minis plus I get some frozen eggs. I only used Clomid twice I’m allergic to it. I like Dr check. But I did out of town monitoring and only went to New Jersey for first appointment transfer and retrieval. I had a three day transfer they do not do five day.


I am just starting Mini Ivf. I start clomid tonight, then I will be using Bravelle. I too will have a 3 day transfer, RE office said they don’t typically do 5 day since not as many eggs should be retrieved compared to traditional.
WE decided on Mini because this is our first treatment. WE didnt want to jump to IVF right away, and cost was also a big factor. My RE felt we were a good candidate.
Paulsgirl- when are you doing FET?


[B]Drose02[/B]- Good luck with your cycle! Sounds like a great decision before contemplating a costly conventional IVF. Can you tell me which clinic you are using and your overall impression? Cost?


I will do my fet in 26 days when I start my next cycle. Gl to you.


I am using Long Island Ivf. SO far I really like it there and most importantly feel comfortable in their hands. I guess as I move along in the process I will be able to answer that better. But I am happy there. For MIni ivf its 3900, and we decide to do SET they will freeze eggs at no additional cost. If I dont do SET I believe its another 1000 for cryopreservation. HOpe that helps! And thank you for the well wishes!
Where are you located?

Paulsgirl- Best of luck to you, hope this time goes quick and you are recovering!


Drose do you have to use.Clomid can you use straight injections.


Yes, that is the protocol they use. Clomid for 5 days followed by two days of Bravelle. They will then determine if I will need more…
What did you use??


I had a choice of bravell, gonal f, or follistem I also used menopur. I cycled like a regular ivf but at a lower dose. I did the antagonist protocol.