Is there any way


I know a wish list is the last thing you guys want to see, but it would be great if the boards could display more than the 15-20 threads that they currently display. Specifically the IVF forum.


Can I glom on to your post, maryevelyn? As long as we’re getting together a wish list, it would also be great if the new topics listing would show the forum the posting is under.

Also, is there a way to be able to turn off our signatures on the fly when posting? I want mine to show when I’m generally posting, but when I’m responding to someone who has had a loss or BFN, I don’t necessarily want to rub the fact that I have had success in their face along with my sympathy. We were able to do this on the old forums.

Also also, PLEASE PLEASE have the threads sort chronologically with the block to submit a post after the last new post!!! Totally sucks to read up until you get to an old post and then have to find your way back to the bottom to post.


I think this is a great idea. If you have ideas or things you’d like to see, please add them here. Obviously, the functionality items will come first, but if there are ways we can increase your user experience we will try to address them. Thanks! Essemkay, I got your previous request noted in my email request to tech too.