Is there anyone who cant afford an RE and had a wonderful OB who helped you?


Im on my 5th round of clomid, days 3-7, and metformin…im getting scared because i dont have good insurance and cant afford an RE…i was wondering how far can an OB (mine is also a fertility analyst) B4 they HAVE TO send u to an RE…im getting scared…im quite depressed…as im writing this , im in tears…i have been trying for over a yr and 6 yrs b4 my son was born last feb…help!!


[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]Are you ovulating on your own while taking the clomid; do you use ovulation tests to predict your natural surge?[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]I assume your OB is not monitoring you for follicle growth? The difference when seeing an RE is that he/she will prescribe you clomid then will monitor your ovaries. Once your ovaries show a mature follicle 18mm or bigger the RE will instruct you to take a trigger shot to induce ovulation or allow your own surge to take place. They will then let you know when to time intercourse or come in for an IUI. When you see an OB they usually don’t monitor you at all. [/SIZE][/FONT]


no, hes not monitoring me at all…just doing blood work…i have no alternative…i dont have 800, 900+ each time i see or do testing with an RE…idk if im ovulating, i do use ovulation tests but they always have some days of a faint line when i do them…please, can u tell me what i can do


Mine bills as an ob but also does RE things for people who need it. I have been monitored the whole time. He also does IVF and IUI. Im sure you can find one that is a bit less expensive. If you do some digging in your area.


how would i do that…i just searched the internet for affordable clinics and the fact is im finding places that arent affordable at all…how would i go about finding an ob doing these procedures?


[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]Most OB’s do not do monitoring. My OB does not. [/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]As for your issue of not knowing if you’re ovulating. The ovulation tests should tell you you’re most fertile days. Best advice would be to buy the tests that have smiley faces so you know for sure you’re most fertile days and when to baby dance. Sounds like you could be missing your fertile timeframe or not ovulating at all. If you stay on the clomid defiantly buy the Clear Blue test and start them on CD 10. I’d also suggest buying Preseed. I found a website that might be helpful to you. Also if you’re not ovulating you may need a trigger shot to induce ovulation. Not sure if you’re OB will prescribe that to you? I’d discuss this with him or her. [/SIZE][/FONT]
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I have been using preseed for months as well…theres alot of things i need to ask my dr…but im not thinking too positive with his answers…i just dont know where to turn from here…i dont know if i am ovulating…he never did any ultrasounds to see if i am…all he said is that my ovaries are working so says the bloodwork…this is seriously depressing


When I was looking I found the ones that said ob/fertility specialist. I had to make a lot of phone calls and visit a lot of websites. My Doctor gets all the meds from also which saved me thousands of dollars and so far they work great. He has been using them for 15 years and said they have good quality at a good price. Anyone can get them from there if you have a prescription. Good luck.


Me again… I also have pcos and clomid stopped working for me my blood work was ok but on my scans it was not working. You should ask your ob to try Femera. Same cost as clomid but it worked really well at making good eggs for me when clomid did not. Its an option worth trying before you spend the big bucks.


Someone had told me femara is more expensive then clomid…true or not? thank u for your help…ive found some places but im going to have a more in depth talk with the dr i have next week…theres so much unanswered! and thank u for the medication web site! i so appreciate this :slight_smile:


I use ivfmeds & ivfstar to order my injectable drugs. I agree they saved me a lot of money.
I agree about you asking your doctor more questions. Write a list & when you seen him ask away!


[QUOTE=chrisjez]Someone had told me femara is more expensive then clomid…true or not? thank u for your help…ive found some places but im going to have a more in depth talk with the dr i have next week…theres so much unanswered! and thank u for the medication web site! i so appreciate this :)[/QUOTE]

Femera is more expensive but sometimes will be covered even if other meds are not as it’s true use is for breast cancer. Our insurance doesn’t cover anything infertility-related so we had to pay out-of-pocket for everything BUT femera ended up being covered.

My second switch was to an OB that also had experience working for an RE and did do ultrasound monitoring and injectable IUI cycles. He was also nice enough to GIVE me the one round of injectables we did with him. We still had a pay for monitoring but having the Follistim donated was such a wonderful gift.


If you have insurance but it doesn’t cover fertility (mine doesn’t either), I would dig a little deeper. Have you been told they wouldn’t even pay for an initial consultation? If your OB told you that, the fact is, they don’t know, and if the insurance company told you that, well, they often tell you things aren’t covered when they are so they don’t have to pay. I would talk to a couple of RE offices, not big clinics, and ask to speak to their finances person who can look up your specific policy and determine what’s covered. If it’s all out of pocket, on the other hand, they might be able to help you get in for a consult and some basic testing at a lower price. Call around and see what you can find. I think somebody will be willing to work with you! And try to get a referral from your OB once you find somebody for the insurance. When I see my RE, I just have my specialist copay because he treats my PCOS for health reasons, not just for fertility.


thanks…Webelieveinmiracles ill check out those sites!!~ i have alot of stuff to ask…

JediBonas ~ how do they determine with the insurance if its covered or not? i mean, if its for breast cancer…how can they reject to pay? i hope that does happen with me :confused: im trying to find an OB that works as an RE…its really tough… some more things to ask my OB when i see him nxt week

kashiruvana ~ what do i ask?..doesn’t an RE treat PCOS anyway? should i ask them if i can come in for that and sneak my way in if they like me about fertility or should i mention both?


For me femera cost me $5 while clomid $65. Most insurance will cover it because it is not listed as a fertility drug. I don’t have fertility coverage at all.


mommatogirls ~can u take femera alone or do u need the shots? how much did u pay for shots? what dr are u seeing?


[QUOTE=chrisjez]mommatogirls ~can u take femera alone or do u need the shots? how much did u pay for shots? what dr are u seeing?[/QUOTE]

You can take Femera alone but my doc wanted a extra boost. I did femera 5mg days 3-7, then 2 HMG shots day 7,9,11. I got the HMG from and it cost me $230 including shipping. Its in London so if you are closer to there it might be cheaper. I am in Utah, USA. It did take a few weeks to get here though but worth the 1200$ in savings) My labs im not sure on price but my u/s are 172 each time. On day 12 u/s I had 6 Follies ranging from 20’s down to 17. With clomid my biggest was 8 by day 16.Then did the trigger shot $250 on day 13. So in the end I will have spent about 1000.

I have also seen some people mention some programs that you can apply for that give you free med’s but i’m not sure what those are.


So do you have an outcome yet? im dying to know if it worked for you…i was told femara is way better then clomid…i did message u…and if you or anyone wants to message me…im always willing to talk one on one. im :pray: that my insurance covers the femara…not sure how they (insurance co)can tell if its for cancer or not…im praying for you and sending some :bsv: your way as i wish for all of the girls on here…this is a very rough road and i know some have it much worse. i do thank u for your responses! i think i might make my drs appt sooner so we can discuss things in depth some more…i have awesome prescription insurance but if its for fertility it wont cover…i pay $43.00 and thats discounted for clomid 3 pills for days 3-7…if not…i live in jersey…maybe it will be shipped for a cheaper price if i use those med sites…so, u had 2 shots each day of 7,9 and 11? message me if u would like!!


You might want to look at Target for Clomid. I know they have a discount program for often-prescribed items and Clomid was on there back when I was taking it. I think I paid $10 for it.

Femera is better then Clomid as Clomid can mess with the uterus lining, Femera doesn’t. If you have decent insurance Femera will probably be covered. When I did my Femera cycle I did IUI with a trigger shot (I think the shot was about $175). All told we probably spent about $500 - $750 per IUI cycle.

Have you had bloodwork done? That might be covered (mine was) and could give an idea on if something is going on. You also might want to check if NJ has a fertility mandate. I’m in NY and although my insurance doesn’t cover infertility, it’s mandated to cover the testing (but I did have to fight with our insurance a little). So all the initial bloodwork, ultrasound and HSG were covered, as was my husband’s SA.


i do think i might have to look elsewhere for the clomid pricing…the first, second and third time i took it , my period came two weeks apart…thats how messed up my periods were, not anymore, and i paid the discounted amount at cvs…which is pricey each time…
My blood work is covered but i dont know about the other testing…when i called i was told nothing was covered…but idk why testing wouldnt be…i didnt exactly get to specifics