Is this normal 5th day of stims?


Hello ladies I am on 5th day of menopur and follistim, I started ganirelix this mornin. So my question is are your bones suppose to hurt because my bones hurt (mostly my elbows and my wrist) I don’t remember this symptom on my first cycle ?? Hope anyone can answer I went in for u/s this morning but forgot to ask I was trying to pay attention to my lining and my follies insted of the pain.


Someone else can probably answer better, but could it be water retention? When ever I’m retaining water and especially when it’s really hot and humid out, my joints and carpel tunnel ache.

GOOD LUCK! :babydust:


Thanks for your respond I can’t find anything on my bones hurting hopefully it don’t affect my cycle that’s what I am mostly worried about.


I have never experienced something like that. Are you sure you vitamin D level is fine? The only time when I had pain in my wrist was when my D was very low. By the way, the stimulation meds do play a part in bone density. If I were you, I would check my vit D


I haven’t heard of this as a side effect. I would definitely ask your RE! I hope you feel better soon!


Thank you ladies for the respond I will ask Monday and hopefully it’s nothing. They still hurt am thinking maybe Iam just over working.

How do you get your vitamin d checked ? Blood work ? Sorry I’ve never had that checked before.


Yes, you can have blood drawn to check your Vitamind D… also, maybe completely unrelated but are you drinking enough water? I cramp in my legs and arms when I’m dehydrated. It happened early in my cycle because I was afraid of OHSS so I wasn’t drinking enough water. I figured out I was dehydrated when they tried to draw my blood a few days later and couldn’t get it.


Even sufficient amount of vit D is important for pregnancy. Definitely you should check it! And drink water as the ladies have recommended.


MeAndYou - Sorry you’re in pain! I hope you feel better soon! I can’t say I ever experienced bone pain on my previous inject/IUI cycles or IVF…I’d definitely ask your RE about it to be safe.