It seems like most people do a 5dt


Mine was 3dt, no blasts, but assisted hatching. I had two 8 and 7 cells transferred but I’m wondering why my doc didn’t do blasts and am now thinking maybe the results aren’t as good with 3dt. Any thoughts?


theres alot of debate about this. and i dont know alot of statistics ive heard sometimes it has something to do with the number of embryos they have to work with and age. Howeveri can tell you I had a 3dt of 2, 8 cell embroys and have a 3 week old baby girl now so both can and do work. Good luck !


Not all clinics do 5 day transfer, there are special mediums needed for 5 day transfers.

But, this my 4th IVF ,was my first 5dt. This is because most clinics will not let you go to a 5 day transfer if there are not enough embryos. Because you will likely lose some of the embryos between Day 3 and Day 5. I read an article that said it’s expected to lose 30% between Day 3 and Day 5. The benefit is being able to pick the best embryos, the strongest, and they cannot figure that out on Day 3. What may look great at Day 3, may or may not look great at Day 5. Also, you risk losing embryos waitiing until Day 5 (my clinic won’t let you do a Day 5 transfer if you don’t have 5 or more on Day 3 left.)

But research studies have shown 3 day versus 5 day transfers have about the same live birth rates. This is probably because just because you make it to Day 5, doesn’t mean you have good blastocysts. And because you never know at Day 3 which will last- and odds are sometimes it will work out! That’s why they always put more in on Day 3 than Day 5.

So, basically, Day 3 and Day 5 both work! There is some advatnage to day 5, if you can, but in the end the success rates with live birth even out.

I will say this- implanting two or more blastocysts at Day 5 increases the chances of multiples.

But many many many people have success with Day 3 transfers! So no worries, okay? :flower: They are extremely common.


Thanks for your encouragement. I actually had 9 embryos the day of 3dt, which is sort of why I surprised they didn’t do it. 6 were frozen, one wasn’t good enough to do anything with, and the two best were transferred.

I guess on the bright side I have 6 frozen in case this one doesn’t work out.


My Dr. said that she wouldn’t risk going to a five day transfer if I didn’t have a large number fertilized. I was lucky enough to get 30 retrieved and 28 fertilized. Even so, only 12 of them made it to 5 days. If my original number was lower it wouldn’t have been worth the risk because we might have ended up with nothing to transfer. From what I understand, eggs that might have been viable in a normal uterine environment can stop growing after 3 days invitro, so it’s actually better to get them back into their natural home. So no worries! Lots of women are successful with 3 day transfers.

Good luck and tons of :babydust:!


ive never had a 5dt ! ivf 1 was a 6dt and ivf2.5 was a 3dt they both workd


My clinic used to do 3dt or 5dt, but with new research they’re doing 3dt and 6dt. I did a 3dt both times bc I didn’t have many embryos to work with and they wanted to get them back in without losing any. My friend had 12 embyros so they did a 5dt bc they could watch how they developed, which I think helps them diagnose any other problems as to why patients aren’t getting pg.

As far as the success rate goes, I got :bfp: both times with 3dt, so I wouldn’t stress out about it. Good luck!


We didn’t have enough for my RE to feel comfortable waiting for day 5, so we put the two viable in day 3 . They were both 8 cell, the others remaining were pretty poor quality. They both worked.


A day 5 blastocyst is more likely to implant than is a day 3 embryo.

With blastocyst transfer, we eliminate those that cannot make it that far. Some day 3 embryos don’t make it to blast. If a patient has many embryos, perhaps 10 good embryos on day 3, growing them to blast helps us find the best of them, perhaps the 5 among those 10 that will make good blasts.

However, if a patient has only a couple of decent embryos on day 3, some clinics figure they might as well transfer them. They already know which embryos, if any, would be transferred if they were grown to blast. Makes some sense.

However, day 3 transfer does lead to more disappointment among patients due to the increased rate of implantation failure.


I swear by the three day transfer. :slight_smile: I have two babies growing in me right now to prove they ARE successful. :slight_smile:

Not that I would do IVF again, but if I did, I wouldn’t do a 5 day transfer. I trust my body more than the lab. (that might be my opinion with my clinic)

The success rate is supposed to be the same. If you go on the success thread on this forum and tally up the successful 5 day vs. 3 day, they are almost dead equal. (I know because I tallied it before I made my decision of 3 day vs 5 day)

Good luck I hope you get your :bfp: !!!


Hi ladies, I have few questions that I was hoping you can clarify for me…

I just had a 5 day transfer on fri (because of pgd for genetic condition). One blast was transferred and two embryos that stopped growing on day three after biopsy.

What is the life of the embryo in the beginning? I guess I only thought that they look at number of cells. At which point it becomes a blast and what’s the difference (advantage)?

Why would a clinic Not do the 5 day transfer? My clinic (Brigham and Women’s Hospital in MA), does not do 5 day transfers, unless PGD… But why? It seems that many of you want a day 5 transfer…

Thank you,