It was absolute torture I spiraled into depression


Haven’t been here for a while had to take some time off. Here’s my updates. Well my SIL had triplets the months before she gave birth I traveled out of state to stay with my nephew while she was in the hospital due to high risk. It was absolute torture I spiraled into depression. I then came home to find out that my aunt got pregnant and didn’t want her baby and that my cousin who is a promiscuous idiot got pregnant allegedly by another family members husband but to this day she isn’t even certain its his. Then my SIL and brother announced they were going to ttc #5. All of this made me even more depressed and angry. I battled with my faith and self worth. I am now in a better place, things were not easy but I’m now ttc again. My fsh came back normal, u/s looked normal and in 2 days I find out my OH’s semen analysis results and my orders for an hsg test that I’m having done in Puerto Rico in late October. Doc refused to give me clomid because she says I’m ovulating but we’ll see. I just want answers and a plan for action. I’m tired of watching every one else get pregnant while I watch in despair not being able to conceive when everything seems to be working. I hope I’m on the path to a baby