Its been 12 long years


Hey ladies… I just need a few questions answered… I have been trying to conceive #2 for 12 years… We finally came into some money to see a doctor… no insurance coverage at all. I havent ovulated in 12 years I suppose and have only had 2 :af: all year. Anyways all b/w came back normal, tubes clear ect… my question is my doctor has no idea what is wrong with me, Why im not ovulating at all… very frusterating I know that much… anyone with any ideas out there? :nerd: Also I started my first medicated cycle this past month and did femara and gonal f and ended up with 3 good follies… Thank You God! I did the trigger 9 days ago and had a :bfp: Hpt this morning… sigh… so is this trigger still? I did the ovidrel 250ug… thanks for any help… much appreciated :slight_smile: