It's that time of the month and feeling so down...vent


I got my period today and just needed a place to vent. I was really hoping that I would be pregnant and getting my period today has got me so down. DH is out and sometimes I just don’t feel like crying to him about this anyway. We’ve been trying since 2008. I just can’t stand this. I’m questioning whether we are even meant to have children now. No one else in my family has ever had any fertility problems and almost every time we see a relative we are asked about when we are going to start having children. It’s so annoying! I’m just so sad right now.


No, it’s good to vent. I’m at the same spot. I think af is coming soon…I’m at 14-15 dpo…and I’m starting to worry as well.

Don’t worry. Keep trying. You’ll never get pregnant if you just give up.

We’ve all been through and are going through similar things on here, so don’t feel alone. You may get there yet and we all hope it’s soon. :flower:


I’m feeling the same way right now and every time :af: 11/5 comes my way I get so upset and really can’t find a way to relieve the emotional tension. It has almost been 3 months since DH’s surgery, and now I’ve decided to see an Endocrinologist that my sister works for. I think I’m trying way too hard, and feel like giving up as if it’s not meant to be. I hate these negative feelings!


Whatever you are feeling is something that a lot of women in this forum have felt before, even twice or thrice more than you have. So don’t be too miserable. Being miserable about it will not give us a higher chance at conceiving (although that would be such a nice thing, wouldn’t it?).