It's the little things that matter!


So I had to share this with everyone. We are all on this roller coaster ride of a journey. Some are here for known issues, some are here for unexplained and some are here for personal reasons. But the one thing we all need is the support from those who know what is like to be poked, prodded and stuck with more needles that we ever thought was imaginable. Plus we then to have to be at the mercy of nature and the doctors (and God) while friends, family and co-workers get pregnant at the drop of a hat.

It is a stressful journey just getting to this phase. And it is an even more stressful journey to continue at times. That is what makes this so special. Last week I found out that one of my co-workers was having to do IVF. I know her, but not well and until about a month ago I could not tell you her name. But we both found out that we were doing IVF with the same clinic - but i am 5 weeks before her.

She is very nervous since it is her first time and I am very nervous because I know the heart ache this can bring. But together we are here for each other. I told her that I would even go to her appointments with her if her DH can’t make it. No one should go through this alone. So now she checks on me several times a day, she is my cheerleader. And she even left me a card telling me that is so excited about being on this journey together.

So the moral of this story is that we find our angels in all different places and all different forms. And just when you think that you need something, you find out that someone needs that same thing even more. In this case I think that I was the one that needed it more.


You know, we treat infertility like its the most private, secretive thing. There’s a stigma…like we are broken. But once you speak about it, you find out that a few more are struggling quietly. If we spoke up, it wouldn’t be so lonely & difficult. The other day, 3 of us were eating at the same table at lunch. I mentioned what I was going through. And turns out all 3 of us were dealing w/some form of infertility! And just like that! You aren’t alone, embarrassed, ashamed…all those feelings that come with it. Nice to know we aren’t alone.


I bumped into my neighbor when i was at my clinic and i reached out to her through email offering my support (I couldn’t talk to her at the clinic because i was on the phone with someone). But unfortunately her cycle was cancelled that very same day which made me feel guilty for even reaching out to her.


Never feel guilty about reaching out to her new have all been there. And we have all told each other to not give up. I’m glad that we can speak up about it. It’s about what has brought us here. But why we are here. We all have the same goal- to have a family. And togeher we can all be each others support.


[FONT=‘Segoe UI Mono’][SIZE=3]Aww I’m glad you found someone to walk with you on this journey. Together you can and will guide each other. What a true blessing in disguise. (Your post brought tears to my eyes.):grouphug: [/SIZE][/FONT]


That is so awesome you guys found each other! I’m fairly vocal about our difficulties. By that I mean that I didn’t hide that we were doing it while we were going through it, and I didn’t volunteer details but some of my closer coworkers did ask and I was very up-front about it. I love talking with people about our kids, and since DD is still so little, the subject of pregnancy comes up often, or sometimes they ask if we’re going to have a second baby, so I usually say something like, “Well, we certainly hope to, but we’ll just have to see, since we had such a hard time getting pregnant the first time.” I’ve actually learned to try to slip something like this in, because (and this is just anecdotal, but still) MORE than half the time, the other person says, “Oh, yeah, it took us a long time,” or, “Did you take Clomid? I took Clomid.” or, “Yeah, it was hard on my wife because I had some issues, so we’re trying to decide whether to try again, even though we’d love more kids.” You would be ASTONISHED how many people out there took meds or did IVF or had surgery. There are even plenty of people who, okay, maybe they didn’t have a major issue and it only took them a few months, but in those few months, they “did everything right,” charted, did OPKs, and they may not have been through everything some of us have, but by gum, they had that moment of realization of “What if there’s something so wrong that I can’t get pregnant?”, which I kind of consider the moment of induction into IF. Like, maybe they didn’t go to seminary, they’re not a preacher, but they might be in the choir. You just never know what hardships a person feels like they’re facing. Anyway, that’s a long way of saying that you guys are all awesome for reaching out and alexi, I bet it felt pretty good to that woman to just know there was someone else out there who she might be able to lean on.


i’m getting to the stage where i want to start telling a few more people what i’m going through, not everyone mind you, but just a few more people, if not for support then just to explain my often strange behaviour lol


Strange behavior… I have no idea what that could be like!! Lol. Best of luck for you!