Iui #1


Hi ladies!

I just had my 1st IUI yesterday and to be honest I really don’t think I will ever be a mom. I have no issues with my lady parts. Im young, never missed a period… ever… no joke, had 2 very mature egg sacs, I am at a good weight and all my vitals are awesome… wtc can’t I get preggo? It really makes no sense to me. I am trying to find research on sperm count numbers for IUI and either I am dumb or DH’s numbers did suck. I was trying to find how many good sperm you did for a good chance at a BFP. Some say 10mil some say 20 mil… Ok is that 10mil per ml or all together? No one ever told me these things… all the doc said was I am super healthy and young, my lady parts look great but DH’s counts where a little off… For the IUI he had 8mil per ml with 50% motility the doc said we have lots of good sperm… but never really told us the total number or our odds. I almost feel like this is a big joke and I will never be a mom. I would love to have the money to adpot, but IUI’s are cheaper because our insurance covers it. I am sorry I am a debbie downer today, I just do not have many close friends I can talk to with this because DH and I moved to a new city and all my friends are 800 miles away.

Anyone have any possative stories or advise?
I am about to grab a bag of cheetos and a diet coke and say screw it. :mad:

Thanks Girls. :smiley:


You kinda sound like me and my situation. I had my iui today and the RE said that my husbands white count in his semen was elevated again. Basically, saying this cycle won’t work for us AGAIN! Put my husband on Cipro nonstop until we finally do get pregnant if ever. Nothing is wrong with me on my end except the RE keeps telling me to gain weight saying I’m too skinny to produce healthy follies. WTF?? I’m 5’10 150lbs I consider myself to be at a perfect healthy weight. We have been trying sooo long that I feel like this is never going to work and the cost of even thinking about IVF is too expensive. I was so excited yesterday about my IUI today but after it I feel like crying and want to crawl in a hole. I’m sorry I can’t help you on the sperm count numbers My RE didn’t tell me what my husband’s was just said you have plenty in there. Was too stunned by the wbcs being back that I didn’t think to ask. I feel the same as you. Never going to see that BFP. All my friends are so excited for me though and can’t wait to throw me a baby shower. But I’m afraid it will never happen. I test on 12-5. I’m going to try to not test at all till then. But not so positive this cycle.


My RE likes to see 5 million+ sperm in the final wash, so 8 million sounds fine. More is always better, but you have a good shot with two good follies and 8 million sperm!


My RE said count isn’t a huge problem with IUI…obviously if dh doesn’t have any sperm that’s a problem but just low count isn’t an issue. He said that in the process of the sperm wash they are taking the best sperm anyway…so I don’t think they’re using all 8 million of your DH’s sperm. I guess if he had a higher count they would have more to choose from but since your DH doesn’t have any other issues like motility or morphology you should be good to go! Good luck!


Thank you! I hope that you get your BFP soon. I will be testing around the 4th, so we can be testing buddies if you want! Too skinny? That’s restarted… I am sorry that the RE said that. I know how you feel about wanting to crawl in a hole. Hang in there!


Thank you! I hope it works. Do you know if it is 5 million total or per ml?


Thank you! He does have morphology, but they took them all out when they washed them. Only 50% motility this round. Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you get a bfp soon!


5 million total (post wash), according to my RE. I don’t think it matters how much per ml, really the total is what you need to know (unless they just want you to practice basic math!).


:grouphug: Stay positive and Goodluck!!

For IUI my RE and most RE’s want to see 10mil total motile sperm after a wash. So you want 10-20mil total motile for an IUI. Anything over 20mil has been proven to not increase your chances. I wouldn’t stay over 8mil post wash though. It only takes 1. But for a hope story… on another TTC forum im on a lady did IUI with her dh’s post wash total motile being 700,000 and she is now pregnant with twins. So anything can happen.


From what I seen my RE only drew up 1 ml in the syringe to inject into me. So your 8 mil would have to be 8mil per ml. Probably why they didn’t specify cause its only a ml they have to work with. I would love to be test buddies with you since we are so close. When do you think you’ll do your first test? I might start 10dpiui not sure yet. Like I said before not hopeful this cycle at all.


I am sorry you are not this hopeful this cycle… but rememeber it only takes one. :slight_smile: I think I am going to start testing about 13dpo or so… I hope this is our month. We could be bump buddies :slight_smile: