IUI #3 in Dec


Just looking for some encouragement, December will be IUI #3…really thought this month would be it, but I am cramping and expecting :af: any minute now!
Everything seemed so right this month, 2 mature follies on each side, good uterine lining…I have been taking 50 mg clomid with HCG trigger, ultrasound day 12. Progesterone tests show I am ovulating…it only takes one of those little swimmers right???

Me: 35
DH: 35, low sperm count
Unexplained infertility
TTC since 12/08


I am also doing IUI #3 in Dec. I had to sit Nov. out due to a cyst. I was also very optimistic about the first two and really thought it should have happened by now (of course I had thought that before treatment, too.) :slight_smile: My DH’s sperm count was great both times and I had 3 and 4 follicles, but it didn’t happen. So we’re on to #3 and then probably IVF in Feb. if that doesn’t work out. Anyway, good luck and hopefully 3rd time’s the charm for both of us.


Third time was the charm for me (third medicated cycle). Good luck and baby dust :babydust: :babydust:


Hey Ladies,

I’m going for IUI #4 tomorrow morning! I’m actually on CD 16, but couldn’t get u/s last week on day 12 because of Thanksgiving travel. Went for u/s yesterday because opk’s were negative, and have four follicles and did an hcg trigger shot last night. I’m a little nervous though that I am having an IUI so late in my cycle. Tomorrow also happens to be my birthday, so while I don’t want to get to excited because the let down when :af: arrives is so great, I still am :cross: for a great birthday gift! I could also definitely use a little extra support with this attempt.

Jp and Jr - :babydust: and :cross: and :pray: to you this cycle! Former Jersey Girl, its good to hear of your success. Congratulations!


Failed IUI

I’ve been reading everyone’s posts and I am there too…I had IUI #1 on Nov. 17th and yesterday day #13 postIUI … I had to welcome :af: …so dissapointed and feeling like I failed… scared to try again…scared that it wont work…any encouragement would be great… Thanks


Hang in there!

Hang in there. I am IUI #2 and I feel so positive with knowing there are great swimmers and positive ovulation. I just think, it [I]has[/I] to work! Everything is right. And then when it fails, it feels like it is all my fault and I withdraw. I have good friends and a great husband to give me support!
Your odds are with you as you continue with IUI’s. I know it is scary to try again, but you would be surprised how strong you really are! The rates of success do not taper off until the 4th or 5th time so you have lots of hope left!!! Baby dust to your next IUI.

IUI #1 10/30

IUI #2 11/30


I understand what you’re feeling! We had our 1st IUI in November and it was unsuccessful :frowning: We just got the bill in the mail and were like “really? We have to pay even thought it didn’t work?” LOL! I know that you’re feeling like you failed but you should really try not to put that pressure on yourself. It’s so hard but try to stay positive and tell yourself that no matter what or how, someday you will be a Mommy :slight_smile:
I will pray that this month brings you beautiful news!! :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: