iUi #4 this month with clomid? Chances?


This month will be our 4th iui this round wife will take clomid I have been on it since last July. Does clomid for females along with trigger shot improve the chances?


Yes, clomid makes more follicle grow than normally would. And the trigger shot makes timing easier since it forces ovulation of the eggs that are inside the follicle.
Good luck, I think its great you are taking such an interest! My husband really does want a child but definitely takes a backseat position while I drive this infertility train. Heck, I think he might even be outside on the luggage rack. LOL.


My 4th IUI was my successful cycle! I did Clomid with the trigger shot as well. Good luck!


I hope IUI 4 is a charm. The only difference is my count is low and wife is fine. fingers crossed


IUI are great for couples who just have a slightly lower count of lower motility! Good luck to you and your wife!!:cross:


Thanks for all of the good wishes. We shall see her period just started Sunday so we shall see when next iui is s heduled.