I’m new to this site and looking for anyone that has had a successful IUI after a LAP surgery or even just had an IUI after a LAP and can share their story. I had one blocked tube on the left side, which was cleared on Dec 1. I also have a genetic abnormality where the cilia was growing on my ovary instead of the fallopian tube. That was hopefully corrected. (only way to tell is by doing another LAP and I opted not to do that as of now) I am having trouble picturing myself pregnant, but am trying the “Mind Over Matter” and doing some fertility meditation when I’m home alone. Any tips, suggestions or stories to share would be so much appreciated. Praying daily for those that have been trying and those that continue to struggle. :babydust: to you all!


I had a lap in early July 2011 to remove a dermoid cyst that was blocking my left ovary. We had planned to do an IUI as soon as I had my next AF. Well, timing didn’t work out (getting all the required bloodwork required by the state for the IUI before my husband left town for several weeks) and it got delayed by a few months (b/c we moved and I had to switch REs), but we did one with the cycle starting in Sept and a 2nd one starting in the end of October.

I was actually glad we didn’t do the IUI cycle the first opportunity after the Lap b/c my abdominal muscles will still really sore. It took about a month for me to feel back to normal again.

We got our BFP with the late Oct/Early Nov IUI! And several of the follies we got were on the previously blocked ovary side, so we were really glad we got that taken care of. Although I lost 1/2 my ovary during the surgery (it was stuck to the cyst), the remaining part was still fully functional.

Good luck to you! Fixing the blocked tube just doubled your chances!


I had a successful IUI directly after my LAP surgery. Good luck! See my signature for details. It was a follistim/ovidrel cycle.