IUI and blood tests


Hello, I hope someone had this experience. I had my IUI today. the drs. just texted me saying to do a blood test tomorrow to confirm track down. has anyone had this happened before?
I had one IUI in May and they did not order a blood test until 14 days later. But this time is very different.

Has anyone been asked to do another blood test after IUI???


For the two IUI cycles with clomid that I have had, I was never asked to do a blood test on day following insemination.


I thought it was odd too. But anyway it did not work this time either. My period came 2 days before I had to do a blood test to confirm pregnancy.
I already had my 3rd IUI and my blood test is on Sunday. This time around they did not ask me to have a blood test after the insemination.


Don’t understand

[B]hi my name is Lena
This is my first iui I had Clomid then trigger ovidrial. I had 4 nice size Follicals n (TH) had 3 million sperm count. I have been obsessing n praying this hole 2 weeks reading blogs n studies to come 1 day before my Beta n my Period to start spotting… I just don’t understand!:frowning: I’ve read many story’s of 4 good Follicals n good sperm n ppl having Twins n more. Has anyone’s doctors told them why if so many things good happened n worked why then a bfn happens… Really In a ruff patch rt now…[/B]