IUI and Estrodial levels


Hi all this is my first post here… I’m currently doing an injectable cycle with Menopur and Follistim… This is my 3rd time doing iui but still nervous and unsure about things… I usually have low estrogen but last cycle when they added the follistim with the menopur It stated to rise… Obviously unsuccessful. Now, 2 days ago at check my largest follie was 13mm and 2 at 10.5 and estrogen was at 328… Not bad… Today I had many more follies and growth had a 17 a 15 and 3 measuring at 13 and some 11’s and many smaller ones and my estrogen basically stayed the same… Should I be concerned that it isn’t rising and that I may be going backwards? Any advice or help is much appreciated… I go back tomorrow and am hoping it rises and the eggs continue to grow. Thanks everyone