IUI and Sperm Count


Hi!! I am new here.

I have PCOS and have done 3 clomid cycles. We decided that we would do a clomid/iui cycle this month. 3 weeks ago DH had his sperm analysis done and it came back with a 73 million count and everything was good with it.

So today, I went in for the treatment and found out that this sample for the iui had a 4 million count and it went down to 100,000 after the wash!!! My fs said that he thinks there must be an underlying problem and we need to talk about IVF.

I am so confused. Dh rekons that the sample was incomplete and he ‘missed the first bit’. He also has the flu at the moment and has been taking some strong meds for that.

I am really hoping that it was just a bad sample and not an overall problem, but am not so sure why my doctor was so negative.

Any experiences with this sort of thing? Thanks :slight_smile:


I would say the flu has an effect on his count. An illness can really have a bad effect on it. I would jump right yet to the IVF talk. Let him get over the flu and give his sperm sometime to recoop itself and get another s/a and make sure he doesn’t miss any of the sample. IF its still on the low side still don’t jump to IVF, get him to see a urologist that specializes in male infertility and find out the issue and see if it can be fixed. We fixed dh’s issue in 1 year thanks to his uro putting him on clomid.

:grouphug: and :cross:


I would definitely wait also…when we got tested my husband had low motility so the RE immediately recommended IUI and Clomid…when I went in for the IUI, his counts were great pre-wash…whatever issue was affecting his sperm before wasn’t there anymore…my doctor says there is so explanation for low numbers, and that it can be temporary and change month to month…let your husband get better and test again! I would think sickness could affect counts