IUI? Can someone explain?



Can someone briefly explain to me how the IUI process goes? I recently had IVF and I’m wondering how IUI compares.


Hi! The process varies according to your diagnosis (obviously), but for DH and I (with unexplained IF) it went like this…

I took Clomid day 3-7 of my cycle to stimulate follicle production. I started going for ultrasounds maybe day 7 or so and went every 1-2 days to monitor the follicle size. When I had follicle (s) approaching 18-20mm in size, with a thick enough lining, I took a shot of Hcg to trigger ovulation. 36 hours later DH gave his sample, which took about an hour - 90 minutes to wash, spin and get ready. Then I got in the stirrups, the RE threaded the catheter through my cervix, and injected the sperm. I stayed on the table for 10-15 minutes, then went about my day! 14 days later I took an hpt at home. If it had been positive I would have gone back in for a blood draw to check my HCG.

Much less invasive and time- and money-consuming than IVF, but with known diagnoses that make IUIs less successful (or in our case with many failed IUIs), IVF gives you a MUCH higher success rate.

Hope that answers your question!