IUI cancelled


Okay, I posted on Wednesday that my u/s didn’t go too good b/c they weren’t sure if my follicles were maturing to the point they should be, went yest for a rescan, and they still haven’t budged. I had one that was 11 and another that was 10, but that was it. What the RE said was that he wasn’t sure why I responded last month to the medicine and not this month?

The thing is, last month when I had my first u/s (for my first iui) a doctor did it instead of the regular u/s tech and she didn’t seem at all comfortable and seemed very unsure about what she was doing. I asked yesterday at the appointment if they could tell me the sizes of the follicles both last month and this month.

Last month, I only had one that was 15 on day 10. Is that even big enough to proceed with the iui in a matter of days? I know that most people post numbers closer to 20. BTW, that was the only u/s I had last month. This month: Wednesday they were all under 10, and Monday 10 & 11.

They want to increase my Clomid to 150 and they finally did bloodwork, which I’m super happy about as they’ve not done any. Seems to me, that’d be the first thing they’d do for a new patient, ya know? I don’t know how long it takes to come back, but I’m going to call them today to see when I can expect the results.

My personal opinion is that I dont’ think I responded last month either, that the lady just didn’t know what she was doing. I’m just glad that they aren’t keeping on doing iui’s without knowing for sure that I have a chance to make it work. If you have any input… thanks!!


I’m so sorry, Hope2Have! Too bad about this cycle being canceled, but I think it’s good you’re getting the bloodwork. I get bloodwork on CD3 and CD11 for each IUI cycle.

It sounds like you didn’t respond as well as they wanted you to with that dosage of Clomid. A 15mm follicle could grow big enough for an IUI within several days, so I don’t think it was a mistake you want ahead with the first IUI, although it probably would have been good if they had given you another ultrasound to confirm that it was still growing.

I hope you get the answers you need asap!


some dont grow follicles that big.

I don’t ever make it to 18 my follicles mature between 15-17 but the only way they would really know that is with an u/s and blood work so I’m glad to see your doc doing some sorry you didn’t respond well.


I just got a call back from my RE and she said that all my blood work looked normal, although they are still waiting on the testerone (sp?). I’m SO bummed. If the blood work had of showed something off, then they could have “fixed” it, ya know?

We have the money to do injectables, but my dh will NEVER go for it, not for a long time, and I’m getting desperate… SO sad and nobody to share it with, nobody in my world understands. They just keep telling me that it’ll happen, to just relax… it’s b/c they all got knocked up as teenagers (that was mean, sorry… but it’s scary-true, I live in a small hick town where everyone gets knocked up as teenagers.) Nobody around me understands except one friend who already has a 5 year old girl. Just bummed…


Everyone responds differently to the meds. Be glad that your b/w came back normal, that is a good thing! :slight_smile: Hopefully the increase to 150mg of clomid with your next cycle is all you need! I know it can be frustrating; hang in there. :grouphug:


Hopefully the increase in dosage works. And 15 is not too small. One of my smaller follies was only 14.6 the day before I triggered and I am pregnant with twins, so that one was likely mature. As Mrs. Campbell said, mature is different for different people. Good luck!!


I had bloodwork done on my initial visit with my RE, and none since. I did one IUI in September and am now proceeding with my 2nd.

My RE said that because the fertility problem is not on my end, but instead due to DH vasectomy years ago, that I should be fine with less. If I don’t get my BFP by January I am going to ask to be monitored more closely.