IUI, Clomid & hCG, with donor sperm


Hi. I’m new to using this website, and I’m still learning how it all works.
I’ve had 5 rounds of IUI, 3 with clomid, no luck yet. Started seeing a fertility doctor. We are going to try ultrasounds, clomid & hCG with a proven donor this cycle. Hopefully everything will go and develop correctly! Just wondering if anyone has any tips or similar experiences. :pray:


Welcome! Just wanted to say best of luck! You’ll find lots of people have done similar protocols. :babydust::babydust:


Hi and welcome to this site! My first 3 IUI’s I was on clomid and we did my IUI after I got my lh surge using OPK (I always use ClearBlue Easy Digital) and those cycles all ended with a BFN. My 4th IUI I was on clomid, had a follicle scan and used an hcg trigger shot (ovidrel) and that is the cycle I got pregnant! I use donor sperm as well. I am currently in a 2ww using the same protocol - last month I was planning on doing a trigger shot, but I got my surge the day I went in for my u/s so I didn’t get a chance to do it. One thing that has surprised me is the timeframe to which I’m responding to the clomid each cycle. The cycle I got pregnant I had a follicle scan on cd16 and my largest follicle was 17. Last month I had a follicle scan on cd16 and my largest was 22.8, and this cycle I had a scan on cd14 and my largest was 26! My RE just says that sometimes at the beginning of a cycle your ovaries can be more “ready to go” than other cycles and develop follicles more quickly. I do know of other girls who have gotten pregnant just by doing OPK and not a trigger shot. Since I got pregnant using the trigger shot I definitely feel more confident in doing that same protocol. Have you had any ultrasounds for your previous IUI’s? It would be nice to know if your lining is thick enough also. Luckily mine isn’t affected by the clomid, but that is a known side effect for some women. Try to keep positive thoughts and know that you are going to have your baby! It is frustrating when you keep seeing that BFN. Wishing you the very best of luck!!!


Hi Ladies… just wanted to at that there is a IUI w/ DS forum that posts pretty regularly. Would love to haev you join. We are a very supportive bunch. I go for IUI w/ DS #2 tom. morning. no meds. as of yet. Wish me luck.


Welcome! Best of luck!


Thanks for the information and support.
This is the first round/cycle with ultrasound monitoring. Partly because my cycles & blood looked good & my tubes were clear. Partly because my 1st obgyn was not that helpful and told me there was not a need for ultrasound monitoring on low dose clomid. But, I have a new obgyn and a endocrinologist/ fertility doctor.
Anyhow, so far things look good. On my cycle day 11 ultrasound my uterus thickness seemed good. Have another one in a few days. Hopefully my uterus & eggs will keep moving in the right direction!