IUI "Common Sense" ?s


After 7 years of trying, you’d think I’d be a pro at all of this by now. However, I’m not. I have a few questions still…
[]What is a snowbaby?
]What does BETA mean? Just blood levels rising when pregnant?
[]When people post their hubby’s sperm–when they say 50 million, is that before washing?
]Oh yeah, and why hasn’t it worked for me yet? LOL You don’t have to answer this one. :)[/LIST]


A few more…

  1. Can I sign up for an email when someone responds to me on here? I often forget which thread I was on and might not see replies. Am I crazy, or is there a better way? LOL

  1. I believe a snow baby is a frozen embryo. Sometimes after IVF there are fertilized embryos that did not get transfered to mother’s womb, so they are frozen for further transfers if necessary.

  2. Beta is a Beta HCG which is the hormone that will increase in blood levels if a women is pregnant.

  3. I am not sure if people are quoting their pre or post washed specimen. If it is post then I am in bad shape as my husbands was only 5.4 million.

  4. I wish I knew the answer to that, then maybe I would be able to answer why it hasn’t worked for me either. I have only had one though so keeping :cross:

Baby dust to all :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


I would like to know the answer to that as well. I am in the same situation having to try and find that threads that I posted on.


Thanks so much for the information! If I find out anything, I will message you about getting a notificaton for the threads we posted on. Gosh. This is all confusing. I’m prayerfully hopeful, but life hasn’t turned out as easy as I thought it would be concerning starting a family.


The only way I’ve found to see the posts I’ve commented on, is to find at least one I’ve commented on and click on my user name. Then it’ll come up with options, and you can click “see all posts by this user” then you can see the whole list you’ve commented on. Not the best system, but it’s soemthing!


Thanks! I can try that too. Hadn’t thought about it. LOL


I would like to know the answer to that as well. I am in the same situation having to try and find that threads that I posted on.[/quote]

Hi Ladies :slight_smile: At the top of the thread you will see a box that has"Thread Tools"click it and it will bring up a drop down box click “subscribe to this thread” you are then given the option of how often you want to get emails.


CD--------------Thanks! You made my night! LOL Yay!! :clap:


[quote=jenniferfontenot]CD--------------Thanks! You made my night! LOL Yay!! :clap:[/quote] I’m glad I could help. :slight_smile:

  1. I think the important number for IUI is the post-wash motile. 50 million would be pretty good. I’m told you want 20 million or above.



When you are in the reply screen… if you scroll down you will see the same “subscribe to this thread option”.

I had another question regarding sperm count and morphology. We have a morphology issue but when they do the wash they only separate the motile segment but not the morphologically correct segment right? This might be a problem for us because my DH has high count and high motility (>75%) but low morphology. So if I do get a number like 20 million its only because he has high portion of motile sperm, but that doesnt mean we have a good chance… Unless Im mission something? :frowning: Im nervous about this IUI this week!


They only separate motile. I was told that they don’t usually test morphology for IUI samples because it would take too long. Of course even guys with “good” morphology have only a relatively small number that would pass the strict test. So if you have good count and motility I’d still be optimistic.