Iui / Ivf + Icsi


Hi ladies. So I posted a previous thread and everyone recommended IVF ICSI over IUI. My nurse is going to submit my paperwork in for IVF ICSI but she said a lot of people need medicated IUI cycles before insurance will accept. I called twice and they said it was up to the provider (BCBSIL HMO). She somehow thinks I am wrong and will wait and see after she submits. Anyway, 1st SA 2.5mil/22%motitly/8% morph. 2nd SA 7mil/10%motitly. What do you guys think?


Those numbers are not super bad, my DH had terrible motility and low volume and we got :preg: with my DD doing IUI/Clomid. Give it a try and see if it works before you move on…especially if that is what is needed for insurance to cover it…best of luck to you.:babydust: